Tiny magic shop on roadside in Arizona


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Ain’t that something! Who wouldn’t want to be that guy?


Well, seems I need to make a road trip to Arizona now.


quick before the magic shop disappears, or turns into a big box store. :slight_smile:


You joke, but they built a Dairy Queen across the street from this little shop already.


I read BB bbs with my first cuppa coffee in the morning. This story made my whole day look bright.
Just have to love this guy.




It only disappears after you have bought a trick that turns out to be cursed, and you try to take it back.


I would spend more time shopping for magic tricks with a chocolate dipped ice cream cone in my hand. Just saying.

Side note: I don’t know why DQ sells anything but chocolate dipped ice cream cones. Also, I really want a chocolate dipped ice cream cone right now.


I have family nearby. Time for a visit!


Have you forgotten Mr. Misty Kiss and my favorite, Star Kiss?


It’s bigger on the inside.


Thanks, now I want one, too!


He did have that Time Lord vibe going on…


The guy who runs the magic shed used to own a full-sized shop in Tucson off 22nd street called “Williams Magic Shop.” It was my go-to shop when I was a kid. Cool to see he is still sharing his craft.


Somewhat close to where I work, I may have to go on an extended lunch drive one day…


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