Tip: cover paint can with tissue before hammering it shut

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Thanks Obama!

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An additional suggestion is to put a wide scrap board across the top of the can. Hitting this rather than the can directly, keeps the lid from being deformed. Thus the can will seal better for longer.


Splatters are not a problem if you clean out the gutter by punching nail holes in it and wiping with a rag before closing. This also keeps paint from drying there and making it hard to open.


Who doesn’t use a rubber mallet (so no deformation) and wipe out the gutter (so no splatter)?

Or use one of these and there’s nothing to wipe out of the gutter.


Exactly. Don’t leave the gutter full of paint in the first place. Though I’d never heard of the nail hole trick.

I never knew paint splatter from closing the can was a thing, because I was always careful about wiping the paint out of the gutter. It’s a bit of a pain keeping the gutter clean though, so I took a .99 gamble on a spout and never looked back. The spout also does double duty for scraping extra paint off of a full brush.

The best paint related tip I ever got was that you can store your “dirty” brushes and rollers in a refrigerator for up to many weeks without them drying out. Just wrap them tightly in a plastic grocery store bag and they are good to go. Saves a lot of time and water for when your paint project lasts multiple days/weekends.


Exactly. The first thing to do, as soon as you open any can of paint, is to punch a few holes through the can inside the gutter. If you don’t have an actual punch, a nail will work fine. Any paint that gets in will tend to drain back down into the can, and the lid can easily be closed without spattering. That is a much better tip than the original- I got it 50 years ago from a friend in the Coast Guard, where he was required to do this to every paint can they opened.

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Or even a paint-stirrer.

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