Here’s a startlingly simple way to keep house painting from becoming a huge mess

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It would be easier to just learn how to paint. The magic isn’t a ring or even one ring to rule them all. The magic is only dipping 1/4 to 1/2” of your brush into the paint. This is like The Three Stooges painting. You would probably be surprised how many tutorials there are about painting. They don’t cost $17.99 either…
I’m always surprised how much better I feel after a good “rant and rave”…


I think a more practical application for this technology might be public toilets. Just sayin


I could see someone having problems if their brush is old and dry. I use a (slightly) damp brush because I wash my brushes before I use them.

If someone really wants to dunk their brush and wipe it on an edge, a rubber band is cheap and you can throw it away instead of having yet another thing to clean up when you’re done. It’s a cute trick, but you’ll still get paint on your hands if you’re not careful taking it off. Still better than having all the lids of your paint cans oozing paint when you close them.



Just cut it with a pair of scissors when you‘re done. :grinning:


I don’t paint from a can because I find the paint has a tendency to skim over.

The cheap plastic snap on pour lips are great and did I mention cheap.


Let me teach you how you don’t need to buy this. You take a flat screwdriver or a nail and punch a few holes in the bottom of the groove in the rim of the paint can. Then when you pour paint from the gallon into your nice painters cup or your roller tray, the paint left in the can rim drains back down into the paint can. Does not affect can seal. Use the small painters cup wih its magnet and brush wiping rim, not the paint can, for your brush work.


The can side and rim is still going to be covered with paint, still a mess.
These things are a champion:

$.58, instant spotless cleanup. If you don’t clean this along with the brush, then the dried paint just peels off the next day! I love them.


…and this room is from my quarantined with Covid period…
yes, you’re right, scatological but I was lucky to come out sane.


Personally, I’m a fan of

We stop there being an awful mess via demarcation of roles. My GF does painting and wallpapering (because I am irredeemably shit at it), and I do shelves, fixtures, fittings and carpets. And, more importantly, making sammiches and drinks for the decorator.


Seems simpler and cheaper to just embrace that painting is messy and plan accordingly. Yeah paint gets in the rim and on the outside of the cans, it’s not the end of the world.

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You still have to pour it into a pan if you’re using a roller. I have one of these, which I love. Lots cheaper that the one advertised here.


Simpler way: pay somebody who knows how to do the job properly and will clean up after themselves.


I thought this was going to be a tutorial on how to best lay out a plastic tarp when intending to kill someone with a 22 to the back of the head.

I’d probably manage to get paint on my scissors and have the rubber band snap around and flick paint everywhere. :laughing:


Tried that once. Ended up with small dots of paint everywhere. Just couldn’t stop pushing too hard on the rubber bad, and it would spring paint dots everywhere.

Also, I lied. I watched someone else do the above. I refuse to paint. Or wallpaper. Or play cards. Or dance. And yet my wife still married me. Dummy.


Even better, use the rubber band to affix a chopstick across the top.

Rubber band goes just under the can and the rebound of the band is gone, the chopstick being rigid enough to press pretty firmly on.

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