To end cybercrime we must stop using computers, says ex-President Trump

I like where this is going.

Mighty fine line between invasion and invitation.

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People still die falling off horses…

Can we please, please, please stop caring whatever idiocy falls out of of the upper arsehole of that senile pants-backwards-wearing loser? Its bad enough we had to endure his inane bullshit for over 4 long years…

I hear people are injured or maimed by crocs and or alligators in Florida all the time.

We should sever Fla from the union.

Steam make choo choo go hard strong. Exchisity make me jump when touch doorknob. No like chisty. Me want steam.


I would call COVID-19 a worthy adversary, and the orange goo-face fucked that up so spectacularly that sentient beings across the galaxy are amazed (or will be once the information gets there) we evolved.

With computers they did this. Hmmmm.


Bugs Bunny already tried that.
alas we remain, crocs and all.


Would a criminal not know crime?.

True - he did fuck it up - and that didn’t have any entity guiding it- just natural dumbfuckery.

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Does Barron Trump have a public view on ‘the cyber’?

What in the actual fuck was that? I only listened to about 45 seconds, and I’m pissed! How can someone listen to this idiot talk for more than a minute? Jeez…
mY SoN iS A gEnIoUs WiTh CoMpUtErS…

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Or … the only way to stop a bad guy with a computer is a good guy with a computer.

Full circle - back where we started.


I’m amused by the way he says “No many people know this…” before some he states some fact that anybody that was paying attention learned in 8th grade.

Pretty much the same thing, except that the AI comes up with variations instead of just responding numbers.


For once he’s close to right, but it’s not the computers that are the problem. See computers are just what we computery people call “a means of production.”

We just need to abolish private ownership of the means of production. Just sign my petition right here.

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“Not many people know this…” is consistently Trump-speak for “Someone just told me this…” Always. Yet again his projection comes into play. He really is the Dunning-Kruger president - he assumes there’s actually nothing to know about anything, and that his total lack of knowledge puts him at no disadvantage. He thinks “being smart” is the same as “being an expert,” and he delusionally believes he’s smart (because he’s related to people who are). And he’s experienced so little of the world, and been challenged on his ignorance so infrequently, it would be disabling for him if he was forced to live in the world.


I suspect that without his family’s wealth, he might have been forced to learn how to actually work to survive, and might have turned out to be a much different person. (Of course, it’s also possible he might have become an overt criminal in order to survive; ultimately, it all boils down to personal choices.)


I doubt it. Malignant sociopathic narcissists rarely learn anything their entire lives.


Great… but now that everybody knows that you use one…