Trump's policies on net neutrality, free speech, press freedom, surveillance, encryption and cybersecurity

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I’m just going to try and put it this way from now on, WASF.
But with seriousness, I don’t think he cares about this stuff. I think he is Charlie Sheen at his worst. I think that he only cares about deals, winning deals. He only cares about enriching himself and telling everyone that he “won”.
Sure, he hired some dicks. They won’t be able to get his ear on any of this.
I hope so anyway.

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I hope you’re all ready to fight against your own snooper’s charter because it’s coming your way, guaranteed. Drumpf will say that if it’s good enough for the UK then it’s good enough for the US. All that illegal shit the 3 and 4 letter security agencies have been getting up to for years? Turns out you can simply flip a switch and make it legal, who’d have thought. Prepare for cloth ears from your elected representatives - “because terrorism”, and an apathetic bloody public - “i ain’t doing anything wrong so i got nothing to hide”.



Every Trump post should remind the American people that Trump is a Russian spy. That he maintained a private server in Trump Tower solely connected to the Russian State Bank. Trump was out of credit with US Banks and Wall Street and sold himself to Russia to raise money. Would Reagan, Kennedy, Eisenhower, or Nixon approve of Trump’s sell-out to the Russians? He will sell our nuclear codes to the enemy for his profit. Believe it.


I don’t think it works like that. I think, if you’re Turmp’s FCC chairman or Defence Secretary, you go off and run that department however you like, and Turmp promises never to know or care what you’re doing, and in return you just have to agree to whatever favors he requests on behalf of his business cronies, Russian handlers or rabble-rousing political gestures.

On the bright side, a chaotic four-year looting spree is still preferable to an organised far-right government.


Three posts from the Electronic Frontier Foundation dispassionately recount the on-the-record policies

Bwahahaha! The idea that the Trumpster cares about policies or what he said yesterday is funny.


Really, I think that you just have to suck up to him and tell him how great he is when you are in meetings and in public.

How exactly is Russia “the enemy”?


They oppose U.S. hegemony. QED.

this is one of the weakest stories around a Trump/Putin connection, you could find much better examples. btw, Alfa Bank is privately owned and controlled by Mikhail Fridman, not one of the Russian oligarchs in Putin’s inner circle

by far the biggest lender is Deutsche Bank, last time I checked not part of the Russian Empire


[quote]on-the-record policies of Trump[/quote]Pfff. Does that really mean anything these days?

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Well I’m a giant homo so Russia is unambiguously my enemy, but everyone’s free to pick their side I guess

And for people living outside Trumpistan, don’t forget that he wants to “take back the Internet”.

Well, for starters, they’re essentially a nation-state pervaded from top to bottom with organized crime that then uses the ability of the nation-state to further the interests of that organized crime. Then there’s that tiny issue of their annexation of Ukrainian land among other things (if you’re a critic of Putin maybe don’t drink the tea).

But yeah, Putin’s a swell authoritarian thief of a guy.

EFF donation.

Now more than ever.

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