Trump's anti-net-neutrality FCC: filling the swamp with his own alligators


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He wasn’t lying when he said he wanted to drain the swamp. We just didn’t realize that he wanted to drain it so that he could build condominiums there and then invite the former swamp-dwellers and all their friends to move in.


Well, it’s not wrong.


Consider this my stock reply for the next four years.


“…and that is how’s video got permanent ultra-high-priority traffic status from Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast-TimeWarner, propelling it ahead of the Jewish golems of the NYT and CNN to its rightful place as America’s Web site of record. Now let’s turn to it and see what classy new edicts our Luxurious Leader, El Presidente for Life Barron Trump, has handed down from The Gold House.”


tRump: Draining the swamp with a sippy cup.


I just hope when Netflix raises its prices they call it the Trump Tax:‘Why bother giving money to the government then corporations, cut out the middle man?’


I know it’s probably pareidolia, but it looks like the gator has a partially digested human hand in his mouth.


I believe it’s a crab.


Now, now, he said he’d drain the swamp. He made no indication of where he would drain it into.


He never has any intention of divesting. He never has had.
He doesn’t intend to do anything for anyone. He is in office to support his own enterprise.
He intends to write his own job description and write is name on every available product.
He never intends to leave office. Ivanka will inherit the Presidency.


What I kept hearing from his supporters was, “Of course he did that [ethically challenged thing] and only did things that benefited him - he was acting as a businessman! Now he’s going to act as a politician for us!” I never understood why they thought he was going to make that change.


He’s from the “business” world so he thinks business people are the best people.


No need to be coy. It’s due to their ignorance and lack of sophistication combined with the savage view of humanity that comes from being told “you’re on your own” by their leaders and political-economic culture for 30+ years.


They think he is going to help them cheat on their taxes?


Trump, narcissist that he is, doesn’t care about Net Neutrality. He’s rich, so he gets whatever internet he wants. The poors are not Trump, so they don’t matter to him. Nor do the rest of us.


I’m not saying that Net Neutrality is unimportant, but I think we’ve got bigger problems coming from the Trump Presidency to worry about than Net Neutrality.


My personal bon mot for this: “He’s draining the swamp by filling it so full of snakes there’s no room for the water.”


Well sure, but they seem to think that every other politician, once made president, regardless of what public service they had done before, would end up working solely for special interests, so why did they think that a guy who had never done anything for anyone else and had never done any public service was suddenly going to stop being a sociopathic businessman out for himself and start being a politician working in the public interest once he got “hired for the job as president”?

I think they think he’s going to help AMERICA cheat on its taxes.


They don’t really think he’s the exception or that he’ll change. They know that he’s a sociopath because they genuinely believe that’s the only way anyone in this country ever gains wealth and power. They supported him because he effectively promised to be their sociopath, their voice. They just want to see him spend four years sticking it to the “Coastal Elites” and anyone who isn’t a “Real American,” even if they know there’s a good chance they too will get screwed over in the process. They’re suckers for this con man promising to restore them to their rightful place at the front of the line, but they’re desperate and spiteful enough that they’re willing suckers.