U.S. ethics office tweets sarcastically at Trump on his business conflicts

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He will do nothing that will doesn’t benefit him. There is no higher cause than his own self interest. He is to ethics what icebergs were to the Titanic…something that really should be avoided.


The most serious problem here isn’t corruption; it’s the President-Elect’s complete comfort with corruption.


And his staff’s.


From his tweet, now America’s best source for receiving news on their new emperor president’s thoughts:

I will be holding a major news conference in New York City with my children on December 15 to discuss the fact that I will be leaving my ...

“…my children…”. Dear mr. trump: IDGAF about your kids any more than they’re humans and only the slightest more that they’re Americans. I especially DGAF what they have to do with “your” business because I think you should sell all of it, and what can’t be sold will be put into a trust to be managed by a third party not within your family. Your kids aren’t running (deep breaths) the US of A in a few short weeks, so they’re not starting now.

Beyond that, I think I’ve heard that he’s got two or three billionaires in the cabinet? Probably more hundreds-of-millionaires, too, and plenty of millionaires like himself. I’m sure that’ll do wonders for their managing services for the working class and the poor.


I would not have guessed these were sarcastic at first glance. Just someone really, REALLY enthusiastic about Trump actually suggesting he might do the ethical thing. The only thing that I saw pointing to sarcasm was:

OGE applauds the “total” divestiture decision.

Total in quotes?
I’m expecting a footnote indicating that “total” here is not to imply an actual total amount, but rather some lesser symbolic amount, divested in effigy only.


He’s leaving it all to [his] charity!


So I guess we no longer have to imagine what it’s like to work for an ethics agency within the government when a kleptocratic regime comes to power.



C’mon. He probably will sell everything.

To his kids.

For a dollar.

And then form vs. substance wins again.


Sarcasm is lost on Cheeto Mussolini and his followers. After all, tRump himself promised that his business would be put into a blind trust - and then described something that was not, in any way, a blind trust. So he probably is perfectly fine with being lauded for something he’s not going to do - being congratulated, even sarcastically could result in his followers being confused enough to think that’s what he’s doing.



In addition, “my children” suggests he’s talking about the 10 year old, not the ones who are married adults with children of their own.

They are his possessions, not separate and also equal human beings.


I probably wouldn’t consider those tweets sarcastic if not for the fact they keep repeating the same idea over and over, and so it starts to sound like someone “agreeing” (use air quotes there) with you, as in “uh huh, yup, we agree with you, good idea, yessir, way to go, right on.”


I suppose that’s all they can do, given how this lifelong grifter who’s about to become the kleptocrat-in-chief is bound to behave once in office.


I’ll say it again, he will never step down. From anything.

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No he isn’t. A sack is useful. He’s just a lying shit.


Except that his kids will tell him to eff off when he wants it back. After all, they are Trumps.

He’ll be reduced to living off a government pension. A rather handsome government pension by anyone else’s standards, but he won’t be able to afford a membership to Mar-a-lago or the Trump golf club in Scotland. At least he’ll still have his Medicare.


They can’t. They are nothing without him and his brand no one likes little weaselgremlins.


[quote=“iquitos46, post:2, topic:90375, full:true”]
He is to ethics what icebergs were to the Titanic…something that really should be avoided.
[/quote]Actually, it was attempting to avoid the iceburg that sank the Titanic - it’s been theorized that if the Titanic had crashed head-on into the iceburg the damage would have been contained in the front section and the ship wouldn’t have sunk.

So, in your analogy, the only way for ethics to survive is to not avoid Trump, but to hit the fucker head-on.


Suits me …I was just thinking the iceberg sunk the boat and maybe ethics will sink the Bloat…However it works I’m with ya on that head on thing