House GOP abandons plans to kill independent ethics office in favor of 1% tax cuts and taking away healthcare


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Why do I fear the


tag will get a workout in the coming years.


Politico says Trump’s tweet stifled it:



The link

Anyone letting Trump get credit is a moron and needs to be informed.


I would argue that Trump only tweets full-assed nonsense but that’s just me.


Fair enough. Am I a moron for posting the Politico link?


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“You can’t free a fish from water.”


If the study of ethics has taught me anything it’s that it’s always better to kill actual people than it is to kill the study of ethics.



Exactly. People who vote Republican don’t give half a hoot about congressional ethics.


What a shit show.


This looks like one of those in which something bad is exposed and its embarrassed makers do something. But what they typically do is not kill it, but put it in a sleep tank for a while until people forget and stop watching. Then they briskly haul it out, dust it off and punch its “activate” button. Keep your eyes open, team, this one is destined to go live within months if not weeks.


I’ve been to Baku and it’s corrupt as hell. The reek of oil is literally in the air there. And my mental construct of what the Marriott Hotel chain is all about is in tatters now because of the non stop flow of hookers I witnessed there.

Those congress critters were up to no good.


Exactly. Give it 2-3 months and it will pass with no fighting.


This is good news, citizen.


Only if you credited Trump’s twitter account for the reversal.


The day that Trump’s twitter account is hacked will be interesting.


“Relax, there will be plenty of time to do away with the ethics office.”

(You’d think the GOP would want to keep the ethics office around so they can use it against Democrats. The fact that they were so quick to try and remove it implies they fear it more than they need it.)


And it will probably be under some BS name like “Protection of Public Servants Act”.

Stay aware, everyone.