To end cybercrime we must stop using computers, says ex-President Trump

Good point. Time to hook my abacus up to the web to ensure it’s protected from viruses and fully capable of being located via GPS. It’s the only way to protect it!


Well, the most obvious institution he would have ended up in was prison, at the earliest stages of his life, a place which only his wealth and the scale of his crimes has kept him from. Given his pathologies, I doubt he could have avoided it. I expect he would have been forced to learn something about the world if he had been forced to work, but I think he would have had difficulties dealing with the real world in general, given those pathologies.


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(This is a full sentence.)


I’m sure that criminals would just figure out a way to do “analog crime” anyway.

He wants us to go back to the 50’s when American was on Top and Black were second class citizens and no one used computer but some College Labs and Big Business .
I not given up my computer or those Civil Rights.


our parents, if they’re still alive, are disappointed that we don’t fix our own cars

technology passes through a phase where ordinary people can comprehend it, but it doesn’t stay there


People were still killed in accidents with horses and wagons. Also don’t get me started on those who were killed by buggy whips. /s


Trump has regressed, badly. It’s interesting, and informative, to look at some of his old interviews from the '80s or '90s – the difference between him then, and now, is yuuuuge huge. Trump’s always been a sleazy, boorish narcissist, but back in the day he used to be coherent.

I don’t know if it’s age, drugs, living a life where he doesn’t have to think or learn, or most likely some combo of all the above, but the man has definitely degenerated.


Sadly true. I always like to think there’s hope, but the downside to optimism is frequent disappointment.


Yeah, I think it’s all of those, plus he was never remotely smart to begin with, even if he was more coherent and his thinking less disordered back then.

Also, this reminds me that mentally he seems to be stuck in the early '80s - apparently that was the only time in his life that he had even a dim., superficial understanding of what was going on in the world (at least in terms of how it impacted the US, and only in the broadest strokes), and he’s stuck there. I’m not sure how much of a role cognitive decline plays, but I think part of it is that he must have paid some attention to actual news back then so he would look like he knew what he was talking about when interviewed, and hasn’t bothered since. Over and over I’ve noticed he references things that were last true in that time period: i.e. this nonsense about businesses being able to run without computers, other comments about US manufacturing and trade relations with Japan, crime rates, etc.


Good lord, man, why would you subject yourself to that?


Considering that pretty much all he did all day while president was watch news all day (when he wasn’t cos-playing hitler at a rally), that’s a pretty impressive feat.


Watching Fox News does not increase one’s knowledge.


His brain is a tabloid rasa.


sorry forget it GIF by Kyle

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Yeah, that’s the problem. Watching Fox not only doesn’t increase your knowledge, it actively decreases it, because there’s so much bullshit. What Trump got out of Fox was a bunch of disinformation.




I’m convinced that there are about a third of Gen Xers, born between about 1971-1976 that actually understand how computers work. And I say this as someone who feels like they’ve only learned as much as they do about computers because they had to. Why, yes, I am the Kidd family IT department - thanks, I hate it.

@thatskinnyguy: I can only assume you don’t live in the US or only recently emerged from a cave? I just didn’t watch national news on TV (any outlet) for 4 years, only read it on the internet, because the blathering from 45’s gob was insufferably ignorant and inane.

@Murgatroyd: Must agree with @LDoBe on this (several narcissists in my immediate family who were forced to live among the working stiffs). They can’t see beyond their own selfish needs and if they fail to manipulate their family into providing their needs, they languish on public assistance and/or take SSI benefits as early as possible (US version, YMMV). No friends, family greatly limits contact, because they’re toxic.

@smulder: We still do most of our own mechanical repairs because the dealership is stupid expensive. We’re weird, I guess? I also fix my own computer, which is a desktop because I can fix it (I am the Kidd IT department, and I hate it, thanks). Don’t get me started about how little home renovation/repair I’m allowed to hire out…


Shame about that disappearing ink, though…
Can I interest you in a reasonably priced solution to help with that?


I don’t live in the US, but I’ve read and seen enough of 45 to feel exactly the way you do about TV and whatever “news” they present on him.
My point still stands though… I cannot listen to him talk for more than 1 minute.

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