To help the news business, subject Big Tech to antitrust -- but don't forget Big News's antitrust problem

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I’m also worried about Hubbard’s idea that we should give users “ownership of their data.” Using property frames to describe something like private information is a recipe for disaster

I’m not so worried about this, especially since private (and often incompetent and greedy) corporations are already using the property framing. The individual owning his personal data and setting the terms of sharing it with others should, for practical applications, be the cornerstone of any data privacy plan. With a decentralised system, data exhange standards, and strong crypto involved, it creates a very different situation of individual empowerment than does IP regimes like copyright, which usually benefit corporations and lawyers as much as they do individuals. Estonia, for example, has made this a first principle of its blockchain-enabled “e-Estonia” experiment:

Most of Big Media is owned by the telecom companies that carry their signal (Comcast, AT&T, Cox Enterprises), both as cable TV and as broadband internet. They are vertical monopolies that control essential infrastructure. Between the two, we should favor Big Tech, because at least we have a mutual interest in net neutrality. Antitrust action should be brought against the telecom companies long before we get to Big Tech, otherwise we lose the most powerful enemy of our enemy, and then they can easily finish their goal of turning the Internet into Cable TV 2.0.


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