To keep their bond-ratings, hedge-funds have to publicly demonstrate that they are the most ruthless of landlords


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To save money on maintenance, corporate landlords have commissioned how-to videos that explain to their tenants how to rewire their own nonfunctional electric outlets and fix their own plumbing.


It’s such a shame- The USA was a nation that revolted against aristocracy. Now, in the modern corporation it has created an entirely new class of aristocrats, except these ones are immortal and psychopathic by design.


Shall I post a picture of a guillotine or that clip of Mark Blyth saying “The Hamptons are not a defensible position?”

Decisions, decisions…


Should I respond, “yes,” or should I post a gif of the girl saying, “why not both?”



What the US needs is a strong Consumer Watchdog agency that can tackle these matters.



"What’s more, these corporate landlords are subsidized by the taxpayer, thanks to loan-backing from Fannie and Freddie."

Don’t blame me.


We are definitely going to have to eat the rich.


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Housing supply vs demand vs landlords
Housing supply vs demand vs landlords


I was just saying this exact thing the other day! :slight_smile:


I gotta be honest - I can’t tell what that ad is trying to say. I’m guessing they’re selling the watch since it’s the only thing in frame that looks like a product, but that tagline? I think I’m either too stupid or too smart for it to make sense. Smart’s good idea is to be stupid? Or stupidity in general is the good idea? Or what Smart considers to be a good idea is actually a stupid idea? Why is he named Smart is that a sarcastic nickname, or is he really actually smart? I see him making connections next to that junction box, I can’t really say from the image that Smart does or does not know what they are doing either. I shouldn’t even post this but it’s left me with so many questions.


I am amazed.

  1. Short funds.
  2. Hire lawyers to aggressively protect tennent’s rights, “pro-bono”
  3. Profit.


Per “dommerdoodle”:

“We are definitely going to have to eat the rich.”

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@doctorow once again you’ve used the term hedge funds as a generic catch all and once again you are in error. I get that you post this mainly as propaganda but pretty clearly you did not even read the linked PDF.

There is probably something here that needs attention but unfortunately the PDF used too much agenda language which when stripped out left it rather unclear if this is a cause for alarm or just something that needs adjusting.

For I don’t know how many decades, private (or as the PDF called them “mom & pop”) landlords have been able to use Fannie & Freddie programs as well.

I first encountered that from a private landlord in the 80s. The rental contract had a separate additional fee section to cover property damage caused by pets.


It’s a filter. Anybody responding to the ad is automatically placed on the “stupid and gullible” list.


Oh. Is that why it had an upper class of white landholding men with a vast underbelly of black and Indian slaves?


Snark aside- Yes.

All that land, property and …property, and all owned by commoners! Barely a title amongst them. Some of them even worked before joining the elite.

Now, we’re regressing back beyond that to a time of vast inherited wealth, and the estates are corporate shareholdings, not landed titles from the monarch. But they may as well be.


It was the classic liberal revolution: taking power from the old-money titled aristocracy and transferring it to the new-money capitalists. The voice of the peasantry had almost no influence.