America's gargantuan new corporate landlords evict the shit out of Americans


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Never thought I would live to see the decline of America into a third world shit hole with a first world military.


Atlanta, huh? Well, don’t expect me to be moving away from tenant protections provided by the state of NJ anytime soon, and I’m not even a renter. I just prefer my government to make some semblance of wanting to help people out when they need a hand instead of kicking them to the curb.

Fuck the south. Right in it’s sanctimonious, union-busting, hypocritical orifices. I’d never move back and, at this point, am unlikely to even visit.


some investment firms are impersonal and unresponsive…

My, that’s a shock. Corporations are people, my friend.


I’m more interested in the story behind the picture shown - eviction with a battering ram?


Well, it is from 1779. Methods are different now. :wink:


For rentiers, in-house legal departments are like Chekhov’s pistol on the mantelpiece.


Apparently so:

Many evicted tenants [during the late 19th century Irish Land War] did not give up their homes quietly. Though landlords enforced their property rights with armed police and British soldiers equipped with battering rams, tenants fortified their meager abodes with thorny barricades and fought back with boiling water, cow dung and whatever improvised weaponry they could muster.


If it makes you feel better, everyone down here will be screwed even more under Drumpf!


Wow. I’m imagining with horror the explosive force that such forms of defense would provoke from American cops today…


Well, it depends on the skin colour and politics of the defenders. I didn’t see any battering rams being used against Cliven Bundy’s gang at the nature reserve, and they had no tenant rights to begin with.


Very small ones, but there were a lot of them :grinning:


Too true.


It does not, as I’ll have to be picking up the tab on my aging parents in SC. I also am willing to pay higher taxes to create a better standard of living for others, I just get vexed when I think about all those “Christians” down there who go around saying that the poor need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and have a “I got mine” attitude. The idea that Hurricane Irene shouldn’t get federal funds but Hurricane Matthew should.

I know a shitstorm’s a comin’ down there, I just wish I didn’t have to pick up the pieces while riding on the same train to shitville along the way or get called some unAmerican socialist hippie because I happen to like the fire department protecting everyone’s house.


Off-topic, that incident was one of my earliest indications that the news media was lazy and compromised. I remember that in all the coverage at the time not one outlet ever adequately described what the MOVE organisation was. As a teenager I really wanted to know exactly why they and their beliefs were considered so dangerous that a police department would drop a bloody bomb on a building in the middle of a city.

Now granted, we’ve since learned that John Africa and others running MOVE were guano crazy and that whatever ideology they had was probably incoherent, but at the time the best description the media would give was that they were a generic (no mention of black nationalism) “radical group.”


Yes, and sadly still true of NODAPL and BLM.


Or 1879?


I do IT work in Atlanta, but live outside the 285 perimeter. Traffic is hell, and no one in this state can drive, but even with my salary I can’t afford a decent place closer to work. Even the low income housing is twice as expensive as normal rent in my hometown.

I hate it here so much, but it’s practically the only city in the South that has tech work, and the husband refuses to move anywhere else.


Could be. I was just goofing on the number printed on the photo (which actually seems more like an address than a date).


Yeah, I live in a Southern state and I already fear the coming shitstorm. After Drumpf stole…um I mean…won the election, my wife said “Time to leave this country.” I agree with her.