Today: '1984' nationwide movie screening to protest current politics

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Now you tell us!

For those who’ve missed today’s screenings, enjoy this 1956 BBC production, starring Peter Cushing:

Respect to John Hurt, but Peter Cushing’s performance has stuck with me more, I find, especially his reaction to the cage with the rats.


1984 is ok, I guess… I prefer Equilibrium my self.

FWIW, here’s a good listen on the newfound popularity of “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “1984”:

A nice part of the exchange:

MAYER: According to publicist Russell Perreault, "The Handmaid's Tale" has been selling strongly for months.

RUSSELL PERREAULT: In the last year, we’ve gone up 60 percent. And since the election, it’s been 200 percent increase in sales.

MAYER: Perreault is the head of publicity for Anchor Books, which currently publishes “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

PERREAULT: Just this year alone, 2017, we’ve printed 125,000 copies of the book and since last November, 150,000 copies.


Well he does prove that last adage.

Soon to be a Broadway play.

Here’s a “selfie” (more accurately a self-portrait) I dug up of a much younger me brooding in front of a 1984 movie poster in 1985 or so. Michigan Theater sponsored Ann Arbor’s local showing tonight. It’s not the greatest film, but I like John Hurt and the atmosphere/visuals are pretty decent so it was worth seeing again on the bigger screen.

We went to a screening and panel discussion at a local library.

For some reason I thought we watched this in school in 1984. I’d definitely have remembered the full frontal nudity though. But we read the book for sure. At the time, it was presented as the sort of thing that happens in Communist totalitarian governments and of course it could never happen here… :confused:

Also it’s an odd thing to listen to a lot of industrial music, and then finally see the source of some of the samples.

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