Trailer for Patricia Highsmith movie about troubled 1950s lesbian love affair

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Interesting. The talented Mr Ripley was quite good, though I hear that the “sequel”, starring Malkovich as older Ripley wasn’t well received. I should see it anyway, Malkovich is fun to watch.

When I heard about The Price of Salt some time back, the thing that intrigued me most was that Todd Haynes was directing.

I loved the book, and preferred Purple Noon (the French version) to the American movie version.

And Todd Haynes? Yessss!!

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Totally shouldn’t have changed the title; the original might seem obscure to modern audiences, but just naming it after a main character seems dull somehow.
Also, that cover illustration: what’s that couch doing out in the desert?

Great cast. It’s good to see Rooney Mara in another big role; she’s more interesting to me than her sister (whose stock may now tank after Fantastic Four).

The book was released as Carol, too, though I don’t know if that was just for re-releases or what. Though I agree that The Price of Salt is a way better title. As for the couch, well, I’m stumped.

Wow! 25 cent Bantam Books. I remember those.

I am so fucking old.

Actually, I remember 15 cent Bantam Books.

I’m not old enough to remember cheap paperbacks being 25 cents, but I’m old enough to remember them being 60-75 cents as a kid, and how it was kind of a big deal when they passed the dollar point.
What I really remember is finding them in used bookstores for next to nothing, the people selling them unaware of their impending collectability; by the end of my teens, they started skyrocketing.
(This depended on how shabby and out-of-the-way the used bookstore was, of course,)

I think SNL ruined that name for me:

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