Today's mass shootings

Now MTG and Bubburt can fight over who can get the best glamour shot over the corpses. Maybe they do a little mud wrestling with some children’s massacred entrails really the base turned on and fired up.


Ted Cruz will be there first.


Yeah, that report came through on my way home. Damn asshole. Another 18yo. What the hell…


Tell me this was not just posted. Even for that asshat, this would be asinine.

Duh, read the whole post. Hangs head in shame…


Depressingly predictable and easily de-bunked position.


It’s from September. If you’re going to carry you should at the least have a license, pass a background check and have had some training.

How does that not make sense?


Every pro-gun thing Abbott has said or written should be projected onto the wall next to him, in a continuous slide show, every time he talks about a mass-shooting. Just follow him around with a projector. Take turns shadowing him with his own words.


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When our son was in second grade, the district had the brilliant idea to have an “active shooter” drill on the same day as picture day. These drills are traumatizing, and he freaked - hit his head on the table he was told to hide under. He had quite a goose egg on his forehead in that picture. We didn’t get re-takes that year because we don’t want to varnish over the ugly truth about growing up in the US these days. Our older relatives were a bit shocked, but they hadn’t thought about it much, either.


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I was standing in line to vote today in Dripping Springs, Texas (my polling place is the county’s satellite office off of US 290) when the bad news came in. It was a long line. An older lady in a striped shirt came to stand at the end of the line with me, breathlessly telling us all there’d been a shooting in Uvalde (“you VALL dee”) with a number of fatalities. (I have friends out that way who farm, but don’t have school age kids. Uvalde is not a big town.)

As I stood, the only nonwhite person in line of ~40 people, amongst the many very normal, makeup wearin’, clean clothes and fingernails kinda folks, at least half of them older than me, I tried to do social calculus in my head. Shit, I was already gonna be asking for the Democratic primary ballot anyway. I was probably one of two people, maybe, who looked like we might vote Dem. Pro tip: you can usually tell by our shoes. At least where I live.

I looked around as quietly as possible, trying to guess who was carrying (yes, carrying a pistol, inside a county building) besides the county sheriff’s deputies. In Dripping, that census of armed people is pretty high even on a regular day.

Striped shirt said “it’s like you can’t go to the store, or to church, or to school, without getting shot.” She stared at me as if I had a comment to say.

“Well, I am glad for the good grace I have had in my life that so far that I haven’t been shot, and I am standing here ready to vote today,” was all I could manage. It sounded vaguely religious and in no way accused our state gummint, or 2A folks, or Republicans, or the NRA of any responsibility.

Yep. That’s all I got. Cuz I ain’t gonna set people off there and then.

There are times when to bite down hard and not say every bitter word in me is all I can do, in the interest of self-preservation, or to avoid having to listen politely to crazy Republican justifications for guns, or be the emotional dumping ground for people who simply must shed their own emotions on the nearest fellow human.

I voted. I got a sticker. I got outta Drip. I am working on getting outta Texas. There’s only so much madness a sane person can take. Abbott runs on consensual hallucination, near as I can figure.


for context:

Abbott’s been Texas governor since 2015, or 11 mass shootings, plus or minus a couple.


I have no real idea what that feels like, but I’m sorry you had that day.

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Biden’s speech was “essentially, thoughts and prayers,” Parkland shooting survivor says

Cameron Kasky, survivor of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting (CNN)

Cameron Kasky, a survivor of the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, criticized President Biden’s response to Tuesday’s shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

“I hear a lot of people talking about Joe Biden’s personal life and the horrible personal loss he’s endured that obviously makes him a compassionate leader. But what does Joe Biden’s personal life have to do with the fact that there is currently a product that is being marketed to Americans by Republican senators and congressmen — and by Mr. Joe Manchin, who is a Democrat —You’ve got these guns that are being sold to Americans and sown into the American narrative as if they stand for freedom,” Kasky said on CNN.

He added that he appreciates the empathy that Biden displays but said the address was a disappointment for Americans who advocate for gun safety.

“Joe Biden goes up there and talks about how it’s horrible to lose a family member … and says that it’s bad that mass violence happens. It’s great that he thinks it’s bad. But I can tell you that gun control organizers, people who believe in gun safety, common-sense gun safety laws, around the country were waiting to hear the words ‘executive order’ and instead we heard the words, essentially, thoughts and prayers,” Kasky added.

Some day a survivor from today’s massacre will probably be saying to same thing.




“F— you @tedcruz you care about a fetus but you will let our children get slaughtered. Just get your ass to Cancun. You are useless,”


Rep. Gallego is completely correct.
Though I would not wish ted cruz on anyone.