Toktoker delights driver with secret gift of a Hot Wheels model matching his car

tbh I was waiting for a passing car to take his door off when he got back in because THAT’S HOW THE WORLD IS

As soon as he got home, he painted the tiny Honda badge red.

Heh, my tweenager loves making "mini"s which I guess is a thing now. I’ll bet she could make a set that would outlast the real ones on my old Toyota.


I love how crafting and making is really taking off with this generation. The Peas Twins birthdays are now littered with little handcrafted gifts in addition to store bought items. My favorite is the needle felted Freddy Mercury in Live Aid attire. He went through the wash and is now shown in repose instead of standing, so maybe this is Freddy backstage now.


Ha! My kids loved doing that art craft. Until one of them managed to stick a needle into her finger.

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