Tokyo concept apartment building offers extremely tiny and odd living spaces

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I’m a big person, that ain’t going to work for me.


Little small for me, but both of the residents seemed to enjoy and be very comfortable in their space. The last time I heard anyone speak that passionately about a bath was when a friend got upgraded to a 4 star hotel on a business trip. We all heard about how his room had a tub with a TV for weeks.

Best part was the end - he had really hated on that first space while she raved over it, which changed his perspective entirely.


I might have enjoyed something like that when I was much younger and had a lot less stuff – just about the age of the uni students in the video! She’s right, of course, if you have more space, you get more stuff.

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I’m getting claustrophobic just watching the video. It raises interesting questions for me of “how much space do you really need?” (not just in general, but for specific activities - for sitting, for sleeping, etc.), but a space where I’d actually be afraid of getting physically stuck, that’s not just too small, it actually makes me uncomfortable to watch.


I lived in Tokyo for a couple of years, in one of the smallest normal apartments you could find (a 6-mat room with tiny galley kitchen). The whole thing was maybe 14 m^2.

It was posh compared to these places.


My wife and I are currently planning to move back to Tokyo in 6 months time - trying to work out what size apartment we can cope with since we are moving from a house with a garden and are unlikely to have that in Japan.

You always need to prioritise what is important to you when moving.


Yes the whole tiny house/living-in-a-van thing is intriguing. One part of me says interesting, another part says therein lies madness. I’m thinking living in a shipping container would send me quietly around the twist. Perhaps it is only a question of adapting (???) And all those cutesy pictures with everything in its minimalist place. They don’t take into account dust and dirt and insects and mess. Still, you can do anything for a while.

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