Tom Petty wrote Free Fallin' to make Jeff Lynne laugh


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And if you’re an old fart like me, you’ll remember that he formed the group Electric Light Orchestra…which had some good and some questionable hits back in the 70s but they really knew how to put on a show.


From Stranger Than Fiction

Kay Eiffel: Well, Penny, like anything worth writing it came inexplicably and without method.


also sounds good in traffic when I have the top down


Where can I find this? Imdb has six listings for “Stranger Than Fiction” and none of them list Kay Eiffel as a character. With a line like that, I need to see.


Sorry, my search-fu is weak this morning. Still on my first cuppa.


Ah you found it, great :slight_smile: if you haven’t seen the movie (sounds like it) i highly recommend it.


I’m a fan of pretty much any story about how a song was written. I wish there were a book/web site completely composed of these stories.


also sounds good when you’re rounding that curve on roller skates at a rink with all the disco lights going.


I think I knew this, but thanks for reminding me.


the former due entirely to the latter.


Ask and you shall receive–at least I hope this helps.



“Revved up like a douche, another roller in the night!”
At least that’s how I think it goes…


I guess that makes me an old fart, too. :slight_smile:

In fact, I just bought this double LP from amazon -


Absolutely false; Tom Petty had nothing to do with the formation of ELO. Rather, a member of ELO went on to join the Traveling WIlburys.


He was talking about Jeff Lynne.


He was talking about Jeff Lynne, not Petty.


(forgive the vhs quality)


AH, thanks.


You know Petty’s death reminded me of the Travelling Willburys and I made the shocking discovery that Roy Orbison was only 52 when he died. Because when it happened, I though he was OLD, but I am older than that now.