TOM THE DANCING BUG: A Very Chagrin Falls Thanksgiving



( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆バンバン!!

one of the best in recent memory.


Why the hate for Chagrin Falls?

It’s a nice spot.


I think it is a metonym standing in for “The New World.”

Came for the smallpox-infested-blanket. Left satisfied.


It’s one of those truths that’s so true, most Americans can’t see it.


Chagrin Falls? CHAGRIN FALLS??
Slowly I turned.
Inch by… oh, wait. Chagrin Falls. Never mind.


Well, then call it something other than my hometown. It spoils an otherwise-really-good strip.

Yeah, it’s not like just about any town in America isn’t pretty much as fully implicated in what the strip points out as any other American town is.

“‘Moral rot,’ you say? Not in MY backyard!!”

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some people are just idiots

Chagrin Falls = Bill Waterson’s home town. Intentional or accident?

Oh, God, Chagrin Falls is an actual place? So it is.

Well, um. I’m sorry that your hometown has a name that sounds more like a parody than an actual place. It doesn’t happen to be where Embarrassment River flows into Exasperated Gorge, does it?

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They say adjoining Mt. Exasperation is lovely this time of year.

I seem to remember that the reason the Simpsons lived in Springfield was because there’s a Springfield in every state, so perhaps that would be as a good a name as any for Anytown, USA.

To me though it would just make me think of the Simpsons.

Most excellent.

Thanksgiving? Pfft! That’s sooo last month.

/And 43 years earlier…

There’s only one Chagrin Falls and physically, it’s a beautiful place. It is also my hometown. I find it funny that a guy from New Jersey picked this for his comic. I don’t think he’s hating on it, just taking advantage of it’s peculiar name. If you visit Chagrin Falls Public Library, you can read about the varying views how the city got its name, which is still debated today. Some say that Native Americans picked a spot farther down the Cuyahoga River to start a village, but then a flooded, raging Chagrin River took them to what is now CF. While, the historical marker at the falls says the Chagrin River drew its name from a French trader named Francois Seguin, who traded with Native Americans in northeast Ohio during the mid-1700s. Seguin’s name got distorted into Chagrin over time. TMI?


Yes, it is, if you can stand that sort of beauty.

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