TOM THE DANCING BUG: Attention, Subjects of the Global Corporatocracy


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Another bit of sparkling satire by Mr. Bolling.



If only I had an Amazon affiliate link to more efficiently allocate my happiness dollars!


I had to check whether “benevolently withheld” was an actual quote. It is not.

(In fact, there’s only a handful of hits for that two word phrase on Google, most of which apparently are copies of the same evangelical text.)


I will steal the “employee of the month” bit.


You say satire, but this is pretty much just straight journalism : /


I just wish Microsoft’s astroturf group would quit spamming me about it, honestly.

No, Microsoft, I will not call my congressman on your behalf, even if you call yourself “Voices for Innovation” and claim TPA and TPP are made of happiness and unicorn sparkles!


Unicorn sparkles are overrated.


In principle it’s just a fancy equine shit.


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