TOM THE DANCING BUG: Billy the Kitty Goes to the Click Farm for Facebook Likes



I’m sorely tempted to “like” this, but I’m waiting to see how much Reuben’s willing to pay me to do so.


Thank god I have Boing Boing and don’t have to rely on Facebook for funny cat videos. Or my cat, who’s really uncooperative in that regard.


not having facebook, i confess i don’t get this cartoon.

Uhhhm… I don’t think the premise is what leads to the conclusion


If I were on facebook, I’d like this.

My cat is a feral who adopted me. Or allowed himself… or something. As far as I am concerned to him, he is placid just this side of comatose. But otherwise Possum has told me to not pay attention to Facebook because there is, essentially no man even behind the curtain. Smoke and mirrors. Wise kitty.

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