TOM THE DANCING BUG: Did You Know Fun Facts About Boston?


He’s obviously trolling: there aren’t 4 million people in Boston (and surrounds), let alone 4 million cars on the road
And if yr gonna bitch about all the Dunkies, ask my wife about NYC (or any other city) and Star*ucks. I drove her absolutely nuts one day as we strolled thru Manhattan by going “hey, look: a Starbucks!” every time we passed one, which was 3X per block.

FWIW, his comments about cuisine stopped being valid by 1990 or so. Only out-of-towners eat at some craphole like Durgin Park now. The rest of us know where quality meals are to be found.


Being a New Englander I have to ask…What’s with the Boston hate? I’m not getting it. Did something happen in or around Boston to bring it on? is it just a random thing?

and I agree fully…massholes are everywhere.


I lay the blame for The Boondock Saints on all yiz.


Well, from the perspective that we Massholes hold and cherish…it’s not really hate. Everyone just secretly likes us so much that they act out to get our attention. Just like fifth grade.

That’s my theory…and I’m sticking to it.


Durgin Park really lost it when the waitresses started being polite.


Well, methinks you have it wrong about the inferiority complex. There’s no way Bostonians feel inferior to New Yorkers…not even a slight chance of it. Much, much too provincial, arrogant, and proudly effete to have any sort of envy for what nearly every Bostonian considers “that horrid shithole down the coast.”

We’re not called Massholes for nothing…


Turns out, there are almost 50% more DD’s than Starbucks in NYC. 350 vs 240. However, they look roughly even in Manhattan itself.

The Beantownite doth protest too much, I think.

I lived in Boston. Now Cambridge. I think it gets pretty obvious whenever someone has a friend over from NYC. All of a sudden there’s a stress to prove that Boston is just as hip as NYC. “Ooh, ooh, let’s go to this funky little pop-up gastropub before it disappears, or do you want to wait in line for the ultra-hip ramen? And did you know we have cinemas where you can drink beer?!?

I feel like Boston is constantly comparing itself to, and sneering about, “that horrid shithole down the coast,” but is actually kind of hurt to discover than most New Yorkers spend no time at all ever thinking about Boston.


I spend a lot of time wondering how I can get there quickly, but only because the wife’s family is from there and I have to drive the four hours one way at every major holiday.


What a Douche Canoe.


Nah. You need to talk with real Bostonians. We really, really don’t care what New Yorkers think. Lived here all my life, and I cannot understand where this comes from. We’re effete – we know it – and we really DO think NYC is an unlivable dump. That said, we do recognize that it has better entertainment options by far. And this business about “New Yorkers spend no time at all ever thinking about Boston.” Bullshit. We read the papers…we talk to folks…we’ve been to Yankee Stadium. This is an old New Yorker trope - repeated endlessly by the city’s media, spokespeople, and denizens of the the city’s many excellent sports bars. Methinks one needs to be honest and admit who’s overprotesting in reality.

And by the way, hipsters don’t count in this argument.

So theah!


Ah. Got it.


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