Clever 'Yes on Question 3' ad in Massachusetts


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I like it. Except the guy really drinking that beer on the corner bar in Southie doesn’t actually believe that.


That ad’s not realistic . . . there should be at least ten more people in the bar even during the middle of the day.


Pretty sure I’ve seen this guy in the Sligo after a Dunks run. Hope most Massholes vote Yes on 3.


Probably only 10:40am and he’s getting the day started… sorry, stahted


My standard Facebook counter-comment to the real life version of that guy (back when I wasted time commenting back to people on Facebook) was, "It’s called ‘Liberty.’ Look into it.


The way Southie is getting gentrified, who knows. My guess is that guy is in Slummerville or somewhere in Dorchester, not Southie.


Yeah, you’d probably be hard-pressed to find anybody who admits to not using their blinker.


Six of one, half dozen of the other right?


well, yeah, but only because of how much Davis has gentrified.




True story: Just last night I was sitting in Anna’s, inhaling a superchileverdewithextracheeseandsourcreme burrito (a too infrequent event, now that I’ve moved to the 'burbs) staring out the window thinking “you know, I’m really glad that the Sligo is still open. I hope it never goes away.”

(not that I was actually a patron there when I lived in the neighborhood. I’m just, you know, glad it’s still going strong :wink: )


Wipes tear from eye. Fuckin’ A right I’m a Masshole.


I haven’t been in there in years despite living a block away, but I understand it’s the same dirty, sticky, stinky townie bar that it’s been for decades, thank goodness. Hope it never changes.


When they are used, it’s only a diversion. I’ve seen Boston drivers in the right lane, signal a right then cross two lanes to turn left with the right turn signal still blinking!


Now thats an ad I enjoyed watching.

Also, for some reason a song by Dennis Leary is now stuck in my head…


I started out thinking “Holy shit! I know this guy!” then switched to “Nah, never met this guy before…”

But still a good ad.


That’s called a deke. :wink: (hockey on the brain. saw a great vid of an old Boston-Rangers game that ended with Bruins in the stands. Now I get it. The Bruins are Massholes.


But he might be just getting off work from the night shift and it is his “unwind after a long day”