Clever 'Yes on Question 3' ad in Massachusetts


Although no one will admit not using blinkers, they loudly complain that no one else does, so the “we don’t use our blinkers” is more about the community than the individual


*The reason we don’t use blinkers is that everybody already knows where we’re going, and if they don’t know, then they’re not from here and it’s none of their goddamn business.
*so I was told 50+ years ago


The Sligo still exists?


Wipes tear from eye. Fuckin’ A right I’m a Masshole. But not an Asshole. I’m voting yes on 3 tomorrow.


Beautiful ad. And I might add, that’s a guy FROM there. Hollywood, when you do New England based shows, stop hiring west coasters who do shitty New England accents (I’m looking at you, Tom Bosley). Hire THIS fucking masshole.


A Uk person has just watched this ad. It might as well have been in Urdu.


It’s full of deeply local dialect. Here’s a primer:
“We bang yuwees wherever we want. No blinkah.” - We make U-turns without regard to signage and don’t use turn signals.
“We cut you off on the pike.” - Boston drivers are jerks on the Interstate 90 turnpike, the main highway through Massachusetts.
“We use our grandmother’s furniture to save our parking spots!” – After spending the morning digging a spot on the street out from two feet of snow, some people stick furniture in it to claim it.
“Manhattan clam chowdah?!” – a tomato-based stew that’s vastly different from the thick creamy clam chowder popular in New England.
“We’ll remind you who the fackin’ GOAT is!” – Boston folks consider the Celtics and Red Sox to be the Greatest of All Time.


What? Nobody calls a team the GOAT. No doubt this is in reference to Tom Brady.


Okay. Good to know. Hey, what do I know, I loathe local sports.


Bobby Orr? Carl Yastrzemski? John Havlicek? Showing my age?


Thank you, Nungesser. I may not be wiser, but I am better informed.


Boston sports is full of itself, but nobody who isn’t an idiot would make a case for any of those three (least of all Havlicek, COME ON) as GOAT.


Watch your double negatives there, junior, and go fuck yourself jump in a lake. :wink:


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