TOM THE DANCING BUG: Disney World's Florida Adventure


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As funny (and scarily true) as this comic is, I couldn’t help but scrutinize the map to figure out which parts of the real Magic Kingdom park map he cut up and reused to make it.


If the people of the USA and of Florida aren’t powerful enough to make decent laws, decent prosecutions and decent jury instructions, maybe we SHOULD sub out Florida state government to BIG MOUSE.

Most of it doesn’t make sense, as I knew it would be too small to read. But I did make the (oversized) Everglades out of the Jungle Cruise ride, and Main Street became 95. -RB

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Historically, Florida’s stand yer ground gun laws are the very antithesis of the Wild, Wild West. Remember that in Dodge City and Tombstone, the marshall would require the cowboys to deposit their guns with the deputies before walking around town or visiting the bars.

Imagine the ire of the NRA!

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Ooooh! I see a mistake on the comic… The artist forgot to shade the George Zimmerman character to an accurate skin tone.

Oh well, nobody is perfect.

Yea, I mean nobody got shot in Tombstone.

I used my imagination ( and Wikipedia ) and observed that Arizona wasn’t a state at the time of the Gunfight at the OK Corral

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