TOM THE DANCING BUG: God-Man, in "Enter the Purse Thief"


Aw, shucky darns, this is a rerun from many years ago.


Weird. It looks like it but there’s all these tiny differences from the original I keep noticing.


Well that escalated quickly.


Yup, rerun. Pretty sure I’ve got a copy of the book that contains the original.

The whole Universe is a re-run, you fools!


But a whole new set of commercials! Yay!!

Feh… re-run…
The universe is a 4-D object or 3-D with a holographic fourth
you only perceive the passage of time as moving because that dimension you perceive as time is not a fourth vector to us so we slide along as the geometry changes before our eyes appearing to be motion.
The good news is that we are not just a solid crystal on display, at least not to us.
This is why there was no ‘before the big bang’ or whatever kicked this all off.

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