Tom the Dancing Bug: Here comes another human

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i know why laura was raised by her aunt! ( i’d explain, but it’s not that type of comment )


Killjoy was here…

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Also, if they’re referencing the Israel-Palestine conflict, that shit’s not ancient. We really need to stop using that kind of thinking, because it makes the conflict seem unsolvable, which is what some people WANT. This is a problem that CAN be solved, even if it’s not easy to do so, and there are forces who insist that we must let people slaughter each other, because “ancient hatreds” or “Jesus is coming back to rapture us up, while he kills those we don’t like.” This conflict has a history, and was made by people, and as such CAN BE CHANGED. We can make different choices, and the people involved can make different choices. But as long as we let this nonsense of “ancient hatreds” dominate the narrative, we’re stuck.


It looks like the comic updated to the one matching the headline so those first two comments are going be a bit confusing now. Or…I’m just confused.


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“Even not taking a stance is itself a stance.”

No comment.


You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice
You can choose from phantom fears, and kindness that can kill
I will choose a path that’s clear, I will choose free will


I thought I had a read a quote to the effect of:

“I look forward to the day when all religions are looked upon as quaint social clubs.”
(ie when they stop killing each other for ‘reasons’ ‘feelings’ ‘my book/your book’ etc)

I’m strongly against the violent actions taken by Hamas (that doesn’t make me anti-Palestinian imho, ymmv). I am also against many of the actions taken by the Israeli government and its citizens (examples ‘settlers’ etc etc etc - this does not make me anti-Israeli or anti-Jewish). I am also against some of the actions of my own USofAian government and some of its leaders and constituents some of the time (I’m not anti-American tho we do lots of dumb things =`)

As a side note I dated a Muslim woman for many years and strongly considered marriage and kids. But when talking about kids and them growing up w one foot in both cultures (me Atheist secular science nerd, her cultured urbane Muslim girl from half way across the world). When I expressed this to her, she said in her most urbane english accent “Oh Enki, my religion considers you an animal…”
Well OK!


Here’s the image that is/was in the RSS feed.


Sure the specific Israel/Palestine war has only been going on for 70some years. But the history of that patch of land has been almost constant war for the past several thousand years.

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Much less conflict when that region was generally unified under the Ottomans, at least until the British decided to stick their noses in.

That thinking is very ahistorical and frankly dangerous. Go dig up some works on the history of the Ottoman empire, and educate yourself on the history rather than just accepting that kind of lies masquerading as common sense.


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If there’s an “ancient conflict,” it’s Christians vs everyone else. It’s Christians in the Mediterranean who ejected Jews while they were welcome (though still 2nd class citizens) within the Ottoman Empire. But it’s all an ebb and flow, and ultimately not about religion at all; it’s about wealth, power, and land. Always has been.


That too…


Some Christians tolerated jews. Ok, they weren’t by the Mediterrânean.

For the enslaved africans and natives It didnt make a difference


As sad as that must have been, I have to give her credit for actually knowing her theology. Most adherents don’t, regardless of faith.

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