Tom the Dancing Bug: Hey, billionaires! Buy some fun stuff!

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just light a bonfire of cash in front of homeless people

Insert depressing joke about setting fire to residential investment properties as a shortcut with bonus insurance payouts. (assuming insurers haven’t dumped your state already)


Inhuman assholes.

That is all.


Yeah, sad now.


Honestly, though, I don’t know what good all that money is if you can’t have some fun with it. And most of these aren’t even millions let alone billions, so I don’t really know what good it is at all. You’d think some billionaire would have figured out something to do with their money aside from trying to make more and hurting poor people, but no.


I never wanted to be a billionaire but after reading this part of the comic:


Really tough guys will be your friends!

– Have an answer when someone asks, “You and what army?”

I so could have used that when I was a kid. Are there kid billionaires other than the fictional Richie Rich? Do billionaires have access to a super secret time machine that doesn’t have the problems with changing time like The Flash had when running so fast he was running backwards in the movie?

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Sometimes, but their money is usually held in a trust so they don’t buy a million dollars of candy, or Disneyworld as their own private theme park, or something else that only billionaires with no self control will do. They will only be allowed to do sensible things like take the workers surplus value and add it to their billions.

Has anyone made a Richie Rich buys Twitter comic yet?


Supreme Court Justice - “Surprisingly Cheap” :fire:


As always, the existence of billionaires in a society is a sign of its sickness.


the copy of the advertisement looks a bit old school…
if that’s a thing…

Buy now, our stock is going fast! Only a few left to choose from!

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Oh, sure, shit on the billionaires. But c’mon, we all want to be one.

I’m already working on becoming a billionaire. And with my current plan of two jobs, plus a side hustle and living rent free in a van by river, by my calculations I will be a billionaire in about 10,000 years. Or quicker if these lottery tickets pan out.


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I wish I could find it now, but there was an article some years ago about one of the heirs to a huge fortune (Johnson & Johnson maybe?) who was basically an overgrown self-absorbed kid. He got away with using dynamite on his property for Independence Day, wallowing in expensive whisky and drugs, and when he wanted to break up with his wife he simply took the yacht and left her behind in Tahiti without a passport. Never really got a comeuppance, but I think he died of his habits/excesses.

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