TOM THE DANCING BUG: How Gavin Smythe Broke Science


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This is just too damn unrealistic, Ruben. A Nobel Prize in biology for “how come there are still monkeys??”

Next thing you’ll be trying to tell us is that the Nobel Peace Prize could go to someone who is dropping weaponized drones all over countries against which his nation has not declared war.


I’m disappointed Smythe didn’t question the accepted belief that the Earth revolves around the Sun.


My Humanism! My lovely, wicked Humanism! I’m melllllting! Curse you, Dorothy!


“If Americans came from Europe, Africa, and Siberia, why are there still Europeans, Africans and Siberians?”


Wait, have I been wrong about this the whole time? …no, not the monkeys. Are you really supposed to put on shoes to answer the door?


That depends on what’s on the floor.


Declared war? That is so 1941.


Wait a minute… This guy is an anti-evolution fundie AND a stoner?


Isn’t stoning a favorite activity of the fundies?


It’s funny because so many people actually do think they’re brilliant taking down modern science by repeating… inane… Oh gods, that’s actually really depressing.


More depressing is the amount of people who won’t laugh them out of the town.

The masses. The plebes. The voters. And other names they are known as.


Why are there still puppies, monkeys, and babies if there’s a OH GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE SWEET BABY JESUS puppy monkey baby?


Well I happen to think Mister Gavin Smythe is a very smart man! So how about that?


so… americans are more evolved than people from countries? :wink:


Your opinion is as good as mine.


Well, probably the first Tom the Dancing Bug that I will reuse in the future.


Isn’t this falling into the same fallacy? Because human beings most likely did not evolve from monkeys. We had a common ancestor somewhere around 30-40MYA, but it’s unlikely that it is around now and classified as an old world monkey. Europeans, on the other hand, are simply slightly thinner Americans with more complicated electric plugs.
Or am I just overanalysing this?


Talking rubbish got him a lot of money in cartoon world. So if Trump is smart, so is he.


If Neal Stephenson hasn’t lied to me, I don’t think Europe technically existed at the time what-we-call-Europeans-for-convenience discovered the Americas; certainly the nations of that area were not in their present form. And of course when the migrants from Asia crossed the Bering Strait, Siberia wasn’t Siberia — politically, ethnically or climatologically. I don’t know enough about Africa to say what changes have been wrought in that continent since millions (?) were kidnapped and brought to America, but not least is that the Europeans started drawing lines on maps there, creating many nations out of nothing resembling the realities of the people living there.

tl;dr Yeah, you’re over-analysing.