TOM THE DANCING BUG: Lucky Ducky, in "Fear Itself"


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The real joke happens off-panel: Hollingsworth Hound’s company does cause an environmental disaster, and the government pays for the cleanup.


Better get crackin’, Lucky Ducky. They’ll be introducing a caste system as a legislative proposal next year.

That first panel isn’t an exaggeration. Tom Perkins was convicted of manslaughter in France when his yacht collided with a smaller boat and killed a man.


I’m not sure that anything in this counts as an exaggeration…


Rueben smashes another out of the park.

Hey Perkins - the ball is your stupid face.


I think you mean they’ll be trying to make the caste system official.


But how was it his fault that the other guy didn’t have a bigger boat?


As soon as the mega rich stop thinking of social welfare as some wishy washy moral duty and start recognising it as overdue protection money, the happier everyone will be. Capiche?


I think the government gave that clean-up job to one of HollingsCo’s subsidiaries on a no-bid “cost plus” contract.


I’ve been trying to tell people this for years. But the wealthy insist that “I’ve got gold, I’ll just hire some poor people as guards. They’ll be so desperate, they’ll sell out their fellows for a bite of bread.”

And they STILL don’t see the hole in the logic.

If you’re willing to betray your fellows below the poverty line, you should be FAR more willing to betray your employer - provided you’re certain you can make an additional buck out of doing so.

The Romans had it right. You want peace from the lower classes? Let’s see that Bread and Circuses supplied. Bread to feed us, entertainment to occupy us.


Why do you think the US mollycoddled the people so vigorously, sending out free electronics vouchers and delaying the project 2 or 3 times for the switch from analog to digital television broadcasting? Fast food and packaged food are rather affordable, in part because we all pay for the corn that supplies the bulk of it in the form of subsidies. They’ve got us covered like a jimmy hat when it comes to bread and circuses. If ill and dying people were known for rioting, we’d probably have first world health care too. LOL

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