In a Trump presidency, how can poor Lucky Ducky possibly win?


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH despite slashed social services and environmental and climate catastrophe, Lucky Ducky, the poor little duck who’s rich in luck, STILL comes out on top!



Just so we’re clear, he’s not literally the Antichrist, just a MASSIVE asshole.


Roger That! Read you 5 by 5.


Well, he sure as hell is anti-everything that Christ taught and stood for.


Maybe - but his mommy wasn’t a Jackal, he just has the morals of one.


A Lucky Ducky comic from Ruben always makes my day. Thanks!


He lies • He steals • He abuses women • He is an adulterer • He has disdain for the poor • He cheats working people • He mocks the disabled • He looks down on other races • He worships wealth • He takes money away from the poor

All this can be subsumed by his primary character flaw:

He worships himself


The Russian flag on the gunboat is a nice touch.

The pedant in me wants to point out that the modern Russian naval ensign features a St Andrew’s Cross (major figure in Orthodox Christianity) on white background. But also totally understand that would be too subtle for casual observers to recognize.




Why slander Jackals?


Also, I would probably have thought that it was Scottish.


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