How Lucky Ducky Gets His Loopholes!


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH poor Lucky Ducky gets all the tax breaks!


I hate duck-voices. Or rather, I hate daffy duck’s voice because it’s semi-barely-intelligible. It takes too much work to understand anything he says if it’s decipherable at all.

And for some reason, I have a hard time not reading stuff in that voice when I see a duck saying it.

Could I have some suggestions of more suitable voices to read him as?


Worst Dancing Bug comic ever. Total hit job. So SAD!


Such a nasty cartoonist.


Darkwing Duck?


Do ya mean Donald? Daffy is a lot better at enunciation.

Either of these?



I did mean Donald.

And I’d pick Sylvester or Tweety over not understanding a word.


Depressingly enough, I rarely mentally ‘voice’ what I’m reading; this genuinely saddens me. However, now that I’m thinking about it, there’s some fun choices out there!

Charlie from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Charlie Day)
Rickety Cricket from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (David Hornsby)
Steve Buscemi
Andy from Parks & Rec (Chris Pratt)


I get the joke, but the cartoon reinforces the myth that the poor pay no taxes. The poor pay payroll tax, state tax (some states), and also the highly regressive sales tax. Right there, you have a higher marginal tax rate than Romney pays, and almost certainly higher than Trump.


I’m surprised Hollingsworth Hound didn’t add that this is how the government prevents Lucky Ducky from ever rising out of poverty.


I saw it as showing how the poor use an endless parade of sinister machinations to avoid taxation, whereas the rich pay non because that’s just the natural order of things


Being poor sounds like a wonderful loophole, and I’m almost there already!

Thanks for the tip, Rudy!


I saw it the same way, but also agree with @Boundegar that it perpetuates a misnomer regarding poor and their taxes.

I find it awful I find myself explaining to people in daily life that one of the primary issues with our tax codes and the loopholes is that if folks like Romney who “earn” $10,000,000 a year pay 30% he still has $7,000,000 in hand. The poor schlub earning $30,000 pays 30% has only $21,000. That hit is MONSTROUSLY debilitating.


Duckminster fuller.


Which raise an interesting question; How the hell did that darn duck afford all of this?

You have to be a billion/trillionare to afford accountants, lawyers, and lobbyists to ensure that the loopholes remains open for you to even exploit them. Sure he knew the steps, but he lacked the wealth to execute them.


Loving the “haw haw” in the third row, second panel. Nice subtle reference there.


But, but, but…that disincentivizes Romney from working as hard as he does! (Those private islands don’t vacate themselves, you know!) Whereas a poor schlub paying 30% will just work harder to better himself/herself if he/she needs to pay her fair share!

(I didn’t even say that out loud and I still gagged. Blech!)


Huh, hadn’t heard that term “loosie” before. How educational.


The comic explains it all - the dynamics are totally the same! Rich people use their billions of dollars to pay for all that, and poor people get the same service from the same people but only have to pay with Del Taco coupons and loose cigarettes!


Noise of duck flying overhead (sorry could not resist).