TOM THE DANCING BUG: Putting Our Children on a Path to Lead

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Nice bookending – when you finish, the title has a whole new second meaning.

Puts a whole new spin too on this headline that I just saw this morning:

“Rick Snyder Donor Picked To Lead Investigation Of Flint Water Crisis”

Snyder needs a (prison) timeout to reflect on his selfish choices.


I like the addition of gunshots in the last panel too.

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At best the Governerd is guilty of incompetence with his claim that he knew nothing about it until the big corporate media outlets caught wind. I would dearly love to see his Kock-sucking ass tossed in federal prison for his crimes against the people of Flint, but I’m not going to hold my breath. The most likely outcome is for fuckall to happen to Snyder as a slew of underlings get scapegoated, and the civil suits the state’s going to settle or lose will mean our roads will go yet another decade without getting fixed.

This SOB’s emergency financial managers have been nothing but a crony-filled siphon sucking public money and public pensions into the pockets of the Michigan GOP’s biggest donors. Fuck everyone in Michigan who voted for this empty suit twice.


“So when you hear folks whining for more regulation…” says the guy who doesn’t even want existing regulations to be enforced.


C’mon, it’s the Internet. I have to say the following:

Actually, the “lead” in pencils is graphite.


This is one of the worst parts for me. Not only does Flint have a city full of children and adults who will suffer the effects of lead poisoning for the rest of their lives, other parts of their lives will degrade via the knock-on effects you mention. The money paid out to the minority of people connected or determined enough to sue will not go to even a quarter of the affected residents, and everyone who’s left will be forced to live with reduced services for the foreseeable future. Quite frankly, I’m amazed Snyder hasn’t stepped down–how big of a failure does one have to be to have the self-awareness to say, “I’m not cut out for this–I’ve just doomed a shitload of people to horrible lives–so I quit”?
But I’m sure this whole mess was someone else’s fault. I understand “The Buck” stopped near the Guv’s mansion for a few minutes, tasted the water and then GTF out of there.

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I suspect he believes he has some sort of qualified immunity as long as he retains the governorship. History and the Feds don’t agree, but whatevs. (He’s steadfastly refused to set foot in the Governor’s Mansion, he drives from McMansion in his gated “community” just outside Ann Arbor to Lansing when he has to go to the office. Fucking elitist snob.)

The whole situation has me absolutely fuming. I can’t help thinking about how terrible all those parents must feel. Their kids are doomed, and it was completely out of their control and without their knowledge for almost 2 fucking years. So many of Flint’s residents are unable to leave due to shit property values and living hand-to-mouth. I’m somewhat relieved that Obama declared Flint a Federal disaster area, but help is so slow to arrive and so many houses need their service leads replaced, and most residents simply can’t afford to replace the part that’s on their property. I just hope there will be direct assistance for people to get that done.


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