TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix, featuring Percival Dunwoody vs. Hitler!


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But when James Caan dies, won’t there be a ghost of the dead James Caan and a ghost of the living James Caan? Will they have to fight for supremacy?


I wonder what Ruben will do if and when James Caan actually dies. Will he retire the joke? Or will it simplly evolve into its next form? (Edit: Nelsie, you beat me to it by 30 seconds :slight_smile:

Today’s Percival Dunwoody strip reminds me of this.


Those points are in the same plane!


Has Percival Dunwoody registered a BBS account yet?


But they are also on different planes…obviously you are making a different choice of foliations than Mr. Bolling.


Looks like he will have has yet to already register(ed) an account. Check back yesterday.


People seem to only say “Urk!” in comic books.

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