TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Heroic Neurons That Made the Super Bowl Super

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America will be great so long as its young men can be persuaded to risk brain damage, PTSD, disease, amputations and death in the interests of old men who stay at home and pontificate about “American values”.
Substitute most other country names and you’ll still be right.


Hooray for sports which are almost always crappy at some level, and have completely usurped the college application process to place sports players first before applicants of intellectual merit are even evaluated, and who use the lame excuse - hey we teach teamwork - as if sports was the only way to learn teamwork. Heres to sports one of Americas biggest shams.


Meh. If you want to rail about how sports has undermined academic pursuits, the least you could do is remember where to place a few punctuation marks.

(Or, maybe you’re a retired NFL linebacker with CTE – in which case, um … I don’t … lunch?.)


He’s missing an apostrophe… and I would have ended with an exclamation mark.

Otherwise, can you proffer your error list?



The cartoon is great, and leaves little more to be said.

I’ve stopped watching the Superduper Bowl, boycotted it really. As someone who never watches American football otherwise, I used to watch the big spectacle with friends for the social aspect, and to catch the new expensive commercials. But I quit a couple of years ago, because I can no longer block out my awareness of the permanent damage those players are doing to each other’s bodies (and not just neurological). And it’s all for our entertainment? That’s sickening. A classic American pathology. It’s great that so many parents (including players) are not letting their kids get into organized football/brain-damage.


I don’t watch football because I still don’t get it even after having it explained to me. And people keep knocking my big orange out of my hands.

I’ve given up on the NFL and pro-football. The NFL treats their cities, players, fans, cheerleaders like garbage all for glory of the game and their ‘non-profit’ profits. And don’t even get me started on the crummy commercials! Hardly watched any games that last couple of years and haven’t watched a game at all this year. And do you know what? I’m didn’t miss a thing.

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