NFL acknowledges link between football and brain disease for the first time

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Observations also suggest a correlation between brain damage and sportsball watching.


I like watching sports. I’m actually watching sports right now!

I liked playing them, too, when I was younger. Fortunately for me, I wasn’t into brain-damaging ones like football, but can I sit and watch baseball for hours because I enjoy the game and remember being sort of okay at it during my formative years? You bet.

Have at me.


NFL will be done in my lifetime. SSA’s charts say I can expect to live 40 years. Ok maybe it will outlive me.


This is presumably making their lawyers very sad, at the prospect of all the oncoming lawsuits; but given that we routinely do worse things for less popular and profitable reasons, I have to wonder if the impact on the popularity of the sport(in the sense of NFL spectating, if we are talking about people’s own kids, I’d expect different results) will be all that significant.

It would be tactless to outright say that football players are just expendable peons for our entertainment and profit; but so long as you can make vague motions toward pretending otherwise I suspect more than a few people will be happy to do just that.

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to play football.


… Let them be doctors and lawyers and such…


Look at boxing. It’s obviously a sport optimized for causing the greatest amount of brain-damage possible using the human body.

We know that gloves make it easier to cause more damage, but bloody knuckles are unappealing, so we swaddle the delicate hands in protective layers so that a couple of people can damage each other’s brains at peak efficiency.

And the winner is the one who damages the other person’s brain so badly that their motor cortex stops working fo awhile.


I hear ya!



Sportspuck is a better game than sportsball anyhow.


Me watching about any sports… except maybe Roller Derby. That’s some fun.


It’s too bad they didn’t go to a cricket match instead. They could have packed a nice lunch or two and made a few days’ holiday out of it.

(A sport that’s been explained many times, but I still just don’t get it)


Don’t be so certain.

I saw my dad watching something, I think they call it “sucker” or something like that, it was some guys walking on grass and sometimes chasing something round. He was staring at the screen, and sometimes making weird noises.


No love for zorbing or maybe cycle-ball?

If you’re not familiar with it, zorbing answers the question, what if he is the ball?

Cycle-ball just answers the question how much expensive equipment can a group of people break as dangerously as possible in a short period of time?

Saw this headline and wondered whether it was about players or fans.

Obligatory link to the ultimate sport…


Its a shame because the US has so many people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the carribean and the UK that they could surely field a pretty good team.

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Just be careful you don’t pick the nerd who knows more about the sport than its governing organisation.