TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Marvel-ous Adventures of Aunt-Man!


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Shenanigans. Everyone knows the real Aunt Man has a file cabinet drawer filled with cards filed by occasion and cross-referenced by personal relationship.


seeing the world in aunt-vision would be kind of fun, actually.


Wait a few years for settling down of augmented reality standards and better object recognition libraries and beefier smartphone SoCs that can handle them. Add a crowdsourced annotation system. Then even you can have aunt-vision!


It will be an optional court-mandated punishment for antisocial behaviour.




His sidekick uncle-woman just stands there and looks surprised when reminded that she has a nephew.


I can’t wait for the episode where Aunt Man uses his “you-are-so-cute-cheek-pinch” powers to save the day.


Sound of dropping a lead weight on my little joke. Did it need to be spelled out for the hard of thinking?


My mom was that Aunt. Cards for every occasion, addressed and mailed out two weeks beforehand. Last minute shopping? As if.


It did for me. Being non-American, I don’t pronounce ‘Aunt’ as ‘Ant’, and your little joke (very little) went clean over my flat head. :smile:


My aunts were never especially embarrassing. They were relatively cool (although their vicious infighting among each other was, and is to this day, pretty sad to see. :()

It was always my parents who were embarrassing! :slight_smile:


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