TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. "Unreliable Narrator," "Aunt-Man," and MORE!


It must be my contrary nature that makes me love Dinkle.

Ohgod, I suddenly want a trigger warning for AUNT-MAN… I have an aunt (my father’s step-sister) who tried to “always be cool, and hip, and at their level” with me and my brother. She always added “ino” to the end of my name (it’s one of the names that has that commonly done.) I hated that, and always asked her not to call me that, ever since I was about 5 years old. She thinks she’s a friendly millennial, but she’s my aunt, and like 60. It weirds me out. And her husband’s a conspiracy theorist since they met, which was before I was even born…

Anyway. Trigger warnings, I still cannot get behind. Even though I just realized why someone might want one… Bad aunts… Who were hypocrites because they were addicts. (mine was a smoker, and I was always told by everyone how bad smoking was, and so I told my aunt smoking was bad for her. And she’d promise to quit every time. But she never did… Actually, she gave up after I lost hope and gave up on her. So now I’m a smoker since I was 17, and I have to give it up too, just to attain moral equality…) Wow, I’ve really opened up to a community here.

It’s like that Episode of RadioLab, something like “Talking to Machines” was it’s title…
They had a story about ELIZA and chatterbots, that trick humans in certain contexts into believing it’s a real human with communication issues, like ESL and a heavy accent. Or immaturity (like Eugene Goostman), or magical thinking.


Surely behind that Huey Lewis mask is the Apple logo.


dada Yah Yah !!! ees always phunny , but kinda esckxpecsciallly up my semi-private-min-street-between-the-rear-of -houses this thor’s-day !! or , is it the day of woden or mercury ???

That’s not Huey Lewis…

Uh-oh. The comic strip is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE.


I have absolutely zero evidence that Ruben drew inspiration for that Robot Pirate Ghost comic from the Cyborg Pirate Ghost template I posted last Halloween, but if he wants to send me a royalty check anyway I won’t complain.


Personally I found that Internet to be quite adorable!

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