Woman animates her dysfunctional family's conversations


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Secretly recording? For fun? For art for others?

I’ll validate the word choice: dysfunctional.


Now I’m hungry.


“Lacks giant cartoon eyelashes” is “portrayed as male”?


If you can get your whole family to sit around one table at the same time and have a meal together, and don’t have to call the emergency services and/or the cops, or some sort of helpdesk, you’re not that dysfunctional.


I think that’s a felony in some states.


Well, her secret recordings are not that secret to her family.


Yeah just found myself thinking “shiiiit I’d take that…” One christmas my grandfather barricaded us in a bathroom and held everyone hostage until my aunt attacked him, caught his drunk ass off guard, and no one died. (I was an infant at the time so honestly I have forgotten what was used… a gun probably? Lord knows they were all fond of guns.) I think maybe some of the joy is captured on some old tapes my mother might have had hidden in her handbag but since they are likely in an outdoor shed in the hoarder hovel my father inhabits… everyone will be spared the fun. In my family that was a funny story! I only vaguely remember him later while he was still on par with my dad for drinking olympics, telling me at five how I was just going to grow up to be a whore and my soul was already damned to hell. I learned fast that getting old <> getting wise. He died in an armchair while I was in college. I didn’t come down to visit. My family literally at this point cannot be in the same room together unless lawyers and police are involved. If this is dysfunction god what a nice trip function must be!


Specifically these 10 states:


Even just have the meal without anyone bursting into drunken recriminations about things from decades ago… that would be nice. I kinda think that the word “dysfunctional” has some different meanings here…


I think the one being employed primarily relates to the difference between families you’d see in sitcoms either side of 1990 or so.


Yeah, in my dysfunctional family EVERY holiday is ‘Festivus’: First, an Airing of Grievances; then, Feats of Strength.

There were no barking dogs in that recording. Those are not my people.

Edit: Even better, no one in my family drinks! You can be the Village Idiots without alcohol!


You can always tell a dysfunctional family by the use of pizzicato strings in the soundtrack.

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