Snooping in Mom and Dad's Room


ha ha.

I knew some kids this happened to - except it wasn’t Mom and Dad. It was Mom and Dad’s best friend. A very bad situation for kids.

The closest I ever came to this was seeing a big box of condoms in the grocery bag Mom brought home one day when I was twelve, which mildly grossed me out. A few months later I found the box while snooping for unrelated reasons in their closet, and only a couple of them had been used.

At the time, that was far too many for my mental comfort, but now I retroactively feel a little bad for them. Or hey, maybe Mom and Dad were just reckless.

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um…okayyyy. This seems to tread really close to the line of a story one might find on Literotica. And, seriously, did the vibe really need to have that “freshly used” look?

Was Dad filming?

Don’t record yourself doing anything you don’t want others to know. If you are too stupid not to know that, then you shouldn’t have kids.

The second best is keeping the stuff on encrypted disk or in encrypted files, with well-managed key/password. It is a distant second best but still way way way better than leaving things in plain sight.

Nope. Dad filed for divorce.

If this reminded you of erotica… yipes. I think that says more about you than it does of this story.

Sorry, life is explicit.


I’m honestly not sure how you’d go about encrypting a VHS tape :wink:

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Scrambling is a proper name for it, earlier (and fairly easy to crack) scramblers were used for “encrypting” satellite channels.

Example device here.

Some talk about cable TV descramblers from Phrack 46 here.

The crypto-advice is easier to be done today, when no custom electronics has to be soldered together or bought, and a file is a file is a file and we don’t have to mangle the signal just enough to be unrecognizable but keep the sync pulses and other features that let the VCR record and play it correctly…


To secure it against access by kids, probably put it in a boring movie slipcase – On Golden Pond, perhaps (would have worked on me as a kid)


That’s security by obscurity and is traditionally frowned upon, but in a low-stake scenario with low-grade adversaries, like here, such a low-cost solution is good enough even for me.


Duplicate it about 300 times, and only keep the last one.


When I was around twelve, we were staying with my mom’s friend and I heard a buzzing coming from the friend’s bedroom, who wasn’t at home right then. I didn’t want to snoop, but I wasn’t sure if it was a danger or what, so I got my mom, who went around the room trying to locate the sound while I stood in the doorway. Mom determined it was coming from the bed. She determined that it was coming from under the bed. I don’t get how a twelve-year-old was able to put two-and-two together faster than a worldly woman about her own close friend, but I remember thinking “oh god” and bounced while my mom was still pawing around, all “gosh, what could it be?” etc. I could hear her clam up as I was halfway down the hall with my back turned. Just kinda hung out in the guest bedroom for a while. It was never brought up again by either of us.

And I found all my grand-dad’s porno stashes, but just mags, thank goodness.


Ok, perhaps go for the simple weak chain on a bicycle approach… Put a bit of glue to keep the protective flap from opening (somewhere where just slicing through with an x-acto knife will fix it).

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I was hanging out with a friend whose parents were divorced–his dad bought him a ton of porn magazines, whether out of guilt or to mess with his ex, I have no idea, but regardless, my friend was the source for about 90% of the porn I had as a teenager–and we stumbled across his mom’s Hitachi Magic Wand. He seemed remarkably unabashed about it, and I think that I was too astonished to be truly embarrassed–the thing seemed frankly industrial in terms of its power. (Of course I plugged it in and turned it on; I was thirteen.)


How did you know that this wasn’t the 40th box, just by the the same brand?


More likely that mom was on the pill and the condoms were for when she forgot to take them on time.