TOM THE DANCING BUG: Vladimir Putin, The New York Times' New Crusading Columnist


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Can’t help…must read…in Boris accent…


Needs a follow up comic where Obama gives the woman a gun then shoots both her and the mugger.

Problem solved forever!


Wow. When did Ruben Bolling become another cheerleader for US military aggression?

Putin is a monster, sure, as is Assad. (Whether they’re any worse than the past several leaders of the US is something reasonable people could disagree about.) But the actual content of Putin’s NYT editorial is entirely reasonable and uncontroversial. And I would have thought that nobody could have objected to its obviously positive effect on the Syria situation, i.e. giving the US public pause long enough for a diplomatic solution to be worked out. I see now that I was wrong.

Also: Is the cop in the comic supposed to be the USA – policeman to the world? Seriously, this is what Bolling is drawing these days? What next, the Statue of Liberty with a single tear running down its cheek? Disgusting.


I was sort of going to say the same thing. Except I don’t think Bolling has become a White House apologist with one comic strip, I mean, come on, he has a pretty good track record. But I completely agree that Putin’s piece was pretty much on target. The fact that so many people can’t separate the argument itself from its author is sad; one doesn’t invalidate the other. And the fact of the matter is, even if Putin did this for completely selfish reasons, he threw Obama his only lifeline to get out of the political mess he created acting like a tough guy. We were headed straight for more stupid, meaningless death. Even if Hitler himself had penned the op-ed piece, it was still a worthwhile essay and helped the world avoid conflict. Can anyone remember the last time we’ve actually NOT done the wrong thing? I sure can’t.


The best part was when Handsome Vlad took off his shirt. . . wait. . . he was never even wearing a shirt!

When is Obama going to start working out so we show them damn Russkies? I sense a US/Russia “Beefcake gap.”


I think it’s worth calling Putin out on his statement that they “advocated peaceful dialogue enabling Syrians to develop a compromise plan for their own future.” that ignores the truth that they sold the Assad regime billions in armaments, and have significant financial/strategic benefit if Assad continues in power. While hopefully most well educated people know this, it’s not untoward to have a comic talking about it. I think you can appreciate that, yes, it’s better to have peace, but appreciate that Russia has a role in propping up the Assad regime. I would love a diplomatic solution, but also would like one that doesn’t mean that Assad can leisurely exterminate all opposition to his regime.


Yes, in an entirely context-free world.

In context, however, he has been obstructing the ability of the Security Council to deal with chemical weapons and Assad in general, and he has been a staunch supporter of Assad in the face of Assad’s atrocities, right up until the point of the threat of war.

This is not to say that we should bomb Syria – and the comic isn’t saying that either. It’s pointing out that Putin is not the good guy in this situation, even if he can write an adult-sounding editorial.

Edit: also… “But the actual content of Putin’s NYT editorial is entirely reasonable and uncontroversial?” Really? Even the part where he says that the Syrian government can’t possibly be to blame for the chemical weapons and it must be the evil al qaeda terrorists’ fault?


When I was reading the paper that morning, I read that column thinking, “Wow, finally someone who (mostly) makes sense based on coherent reasoning.” it wasn’t until I got to the end that I looked who wrote it, and boy did it freak me out for a while that not one of the commentators or leaders I saw in my own country were that clear.

Personally, I read it in the Heavy’s voice from Team Fortress 2. He was even wearing the Killer Exclusive…


The comic never mentions the US’s position in this situation, much less defends it. What it does is cleverly portray how Syria has staunchly denied possessing and using chemical weapons only to immediately agree to turn over those weapons (that they supposedly don’t have) in order to prevent US airstrikes.

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Please, nobody post a picture of David Cameron with his top off. PLEASE NO.

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This is grossly unfair! Dude has totally got better muscle definition than that.

Back in the '90s, Bolling did a God-Man strip about how awful it was that the world wasn’t doing anything to stop the Taliban’s treatment of women.

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I think Ruben Bolling did an amazing job with the expression of the mugger in the fifth panel. “A gun? Me? Why, I don’t even have a gun!” He’s trying to look innocent, but he’s one bad liar.

Well now I have to.

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