TOM THE DANCING BUG: What Group Should We Really Be Afraid Of?


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  1. Those who feel a preposition may end a sentence.
  2. Zombies
  3. The Jews

(I’m Jewish)


Why not? Unless you are some 17th century Latin obsessed grammerian, I don’t see a problem with it.

The only group I’m fearful of is the political class and the cops.


I agree.

“The only group of which I’m fearful” or “Of what group should we really be afraid?” sound stilted to my USian ear.

(Not that I think @Mister_Eppy was serious.)




Why do you keep bringing that book you know I hate being read to from out of up for?


So Chanukah Zombie is what we should really be afraid of?


Channukah Zombie is invited to a party. He’s mingling, schmoozin’ if you will (or even if you won’t). Upon mingling with some of the hoi polloi, he starts with this opener (affecting a southern accent), “Where y’all from?” To which his interlocutor haughtily replies: “Sir, where we are from, we attempt not to end sentences with prepositions!”

Channuakah Zombie smoothly replied, “Oh - I’m so sorry! Where y’all from, shithead?” And then promptly ate their brains.

That’s the guy you gotta watch out for.


The threat from children is more insidious than Bolling realizes. They infiltrate all levels of society, from the homes of the poor to the most fractional of percentages wealth-wise. Easy to distinguish at first, each day becoming more like us. Biding their time, replacing us one by one. Until one day you wake up to discover that they now control the entire world.


It sounds stilted to my British ears. And it was famously the kind of nonsense up with which Churchill would not put.


And Jewish grammar-Nazis.

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

How big is the Venn intersection of golems and things that end sentences with prepositions? If it’s non-null, that’s what we need to be afraid of.

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

The only solution is to not fall asleep!


Yeah, there’s been some change in thinking about ending with prepositions precisely because that kind of sentence structure now sounds so awkwardly formal (formally awkward?).


And to never split infinitives. And no sentence fragments.


Yes, but as a first line to a three line build up joke, it’s gold, Jerry, gold!


Those nefarious little tykes are also guilty of major biological warfare offensives.


I have a great big golem
I made him out of clay
And when he’s dry and ready
My enemies he’ll slay


Every time one of these marvels appears on BB, I feel a vague outrage that there isn’t a bot which immediately and automatically first-posts “Bolling’s a genius.”


Please photoshop the Stars and Bars into that image, for the full “USian ear” effect.