TOM THE DANCING BUG: Who Can't Buy a Beer on Counter-Earth?


OK, this was funny to the point of LOL. Heheheh… Sting.

Impeccable music choice. Just perfect.


What’s with the coaching?

TIL that I live on Counter Earth. (hint: I like Sting.)

In high profile college football (oblong) programs the players are highly paid professionals but NCAA rules require coaches to be strictly amateur student volunteers. They do get scholarships, but it means something different than an academic scholarship.

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College sports is a really big business in the US, especially with the larger state schools. The coaches make big bucks but the players are students who are not allowed to be compensated for their athletic performance, as dictated by college sports’ governing body, the NCAA. This is despite the fact that top-level players devote all their time to the sport and generally neglect their classes and studies.

I believe some big-name college football player recently brought this into the news again when he accepted money for autographs or something like that. I don’t really follow news about sports so I could be wrong about that though.

Uhhh, “Counter-Earth”? I think you mean MONDAS, guys. Get with it.

It’s often argued that the idea that college football players are really college students, rather than professional athletes, is a farce. I’m fairly certain this is true.

In my first year in college, I lived in the same dorm where most of the football players lived. They lived lives almost entirely separate from other students. They had many explicit privileges, and staff were ordered to give them special treatment. (I worked part-time as part of the dorm cafeteria staff.) None of us ever saw them in our classes on campus; given that they were taller and more massive than any other students, it would have been impossible to miss them. When they interacted with other college students, they were arrogant, boasted of their elite status and special privileges, and often used physical threats. In general, most of us were afraid of them.

By contrast, I had friends who were athletes, but not football players; they didn’t have any special privileges, lived with the rest of us, took the same classes, and were in all respects normal college students who spent a lot of time training for a college sport.

Oh, I see. It’s a double reversal. young|old && player|coach.

Doh! Should have grokked that, but I’m officially on sick leave…

Man, being subject to age 21 majority must blow chunks!

Three years is an eternity at that age.

Eh, by the time I was 18 I had been a smoker for a few years, grown a luxuriant beard and passed for 27. Nobody bothered me when I wanted to buy things that I legally couldn’t at that age. I suppose I’ll look a hundred when I’m 40 though.

A couple of years ago I got asked for ID by a young bouncer… reckon I could’ve been closer to my dad’s age than his.

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