Tomorrow is "International Louie Louie Day"


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I’ma leave this riiiight here:


When I was living in Columbus OH in the mid 80’s, the big talk/music AM station in town had a prohibition against playing The Kingsmen version of “Louie, Louie” on their nightly oldies show, because the PD was convinced it was a “dirty song”. The host of the show finally dug up the Berry original (remember, this was pre-internet, kiddies) and played it for him on air, to demonstrate the clear, concise, non-dirty lyrics. And the PD’s opinion was, “Yeah, but the Kingsmen MADE it dirty.”


Back in the 80s there was a fairly popular movement to have the Washington state song changed from Roll On Columbia to Louie Louie. It never passed though. More’s the pity.

Fun fact: I used to live just blocks away from the former recording studio where The Kingsmen and Paul Revere and the Raiders recorded “Louie Louie”. There used to be a brass plaque there, but someone stole it right before the last renovation of the building.

“governor of Indian” Indiana, maybe?

Stooges, Motorhead, Black Flag are three covers I know and love off the top of my head. Well, the famous Kingsmen version is a cover. I’ve got the 45 around here somewhere. It has an awesome B side, too:

Come to think of it, I don’t know as I’ve ever heard Berry’s original, sooooo…


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Yes, I have always sung this song wrong. Except the chorus.

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