Music: "Alice's Restaurant," Arlo Guthrie (1967)



I see and raise:


You mean they didn’t provide the full song? For shame, BB!

The version I posted is the 30th anniversary remake, which is about 4 minutes funnier.


Ah…thanks! Worth listening to, then, if there’s a new section.

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And they all moved away from me on the bench there…


Oh yes. Most of it is unchanged, though some of it is stuffed into the past tense, or further. It’s good, but I found myself hearing the original words undimmed by 30 or 40 years, and flinching at the changes. But there is an extra bit pretty close to the end that Should Not Be Missed. You will know it when you find it.

If you want to end war ‘n’ stuff you gotta SING LOUD. Ain’t it the truth? Well, no, not really. But perhaps it helped.


I see that and raise -you-


you found it! Well played.

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I disagree. The highest bid is the audio version. When I watched (most of) the film version a few years ago for the holiday, I found it pretty much unwatchable. It’s best expressed in the song.

That’s what was playing when the KKK blew up the KPFT radio station transmitter in Houston, October 1970.

Alice’s Restaurant : Thanksgiving and a great radio station.

Well, you can get anything you want.


‘ceptin’ Alice!


I loved it when it came out and I love it still. Even so, I still wince when I hear "if two of 'em do it they may think you’re both faggot’s… It kind of hurt as a young gay kid freshly drafted in 1967 and still doesn’t feel good. I love the sentiments of it but it always made me feel just a bit left out. Now of course they would take gay or straight and they can’t draft me anymore.


Newer version’s a bit more sensitive about that bit.

How the hell can you “raise” on this fantabulous classic !?
OK, I’ll be back in half an hour to see how well this claim can stand… I hope it’s not terrible.

Nup, sorry. Was totally lacking in timing of delivery. On every single one of the classic lines.
I had hopes, but am Sad.
Every line in the first half (and half of the second, even when the audience started warming up) seems to be read anew with no reference to what made the original warm and great. Too bad.
Yup, I got a chuckle at the one extra chunk right at the end, but it still didn’t help enough.

THANK YOU for introducing me to this artefact. But it’s still the old one I’ll keep on the playlist.

As great as Arlo is, that bit always makes me cringe.

As great as the Berkshires are, they’re still that way a bit.