What do you want to get at Alice's Restaurant?


You can get anything you want.

“Exceptin’ Alice”


I ate there in 1986, except it had been renamed to “Michael’s”, but received multiple assurances it was the same. Arlo Guthrie did not show up.


I just wanted the directions to Tom’s Diner.


Woody Guthrie back.


Granted, anything might be helpful to humblebrag about later when you’re sittin’ alongside the father rapers and whatnot in Group W.


A very small cake, on which the words `EAT ME’ are beautifully marked in currants.

And to go with that, I’d like a little bottle with a paper label round the neck, with the words `DRINK ME’ beautifully printed on it in large letters.


From the movie.


Chocolate > currants any day of the week. :smiley:


Mmmm zombie folk singer wants brains!


Often? Certainly! Any day? Perhaps not.

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