Please please please let me get what I want from this Smiths-themed Indian restaurant

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It’s somehow thematically fitting that there’s no comments here but over a hundred on the ‘men eating like boys’ post.

Funny puns are funny.

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There was a place in downtown ATL, Tim Drum, that had wallpaper with Japan/David Sylvian all over the place… you were greeted by this image on the right when you walked in the door…

They didn’t have punny names for the dishes and I don’t think the other locations had the Japan references?


I want nothing.


Their pun game is seriously on point.


Argh! How could they miss “Everyday Is Like Sundries”?


I think the joke is puns on many Manchester bands, not just Smiths and Joy Division. Also The Fall, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, etc. are in the menu.

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The boy with the phall in his side

There is a vindaloo that never goes out

Shame that Deliveroo probably wouldn’t bring it to London.

And Hendrix!

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And Primal Scream and Supergrass (not much of a pun on that one)

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