Tony Hawk and the origin of the trick “The Madonna.”

Originally published at: Tony Hawk and the origin of the trick "The Madonna." | Boing Boing

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I’d never seen that channel before, but he’s great. I love that he explains what can go wrong when attempting this, and what you did that made it go wrong. He also explains how to build up to the trick with smaller intermediate tricks. I imagine most skaters just fall over and over when learning a trick and not knowing what they’re doing wrong. I’m not a skater but still found this interesting.

Also they don’t make you watch the whole video to see the trick. You see it immediately and then often during the video. Great editing.


i couldn’t get the Tony Hawk explanatory video to work on Insta – page wouldn’t load for me.

but hey, sounds super easy! i’ll just hobble my 56-year-old body out to the park and just nail it in no time, right?

oh wait – Tony’s my age too… DAMMIT, now what’s my excuse???


He looks a lot like George C. Scott in that B&W photo.

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