"Too much power," dude tests out a way too fast electric scooter

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Damn, mine gets up to about 22mph on long downhills, and that already feels like taking my life in my hands.


Of course this is all about the dangerous unboxing of a dangerous machine, but when the neighborhood buddy, unlike the main host, gets on this suicide device without any body protection …sweet Krishnas toenails… one button push away from the rest of his existence drooling on a bed. And the protected host ends up with a sprained arm; what’s the moral of this story? (“who the @#$ cares!?.. kewl machine dude!”) “Death Trap” precisely.


I liked the presentation in this video. Quite reserved, and none-shouty.


I’ve already fractured my hand on the Honeywell Dasher commuter bike, and the wheels are twice as tall and it goes half as fast. No way I’d ride that thing.


Absolutely not legal in any way. Nice video, I liked his presentation, but this scooter is being illegally operated by California (and lots of other states) standards. There’s no reason to make one that goes over 30 mph, since that’s the max limit allowed by most states for these types of scooters.


Ironically for being about a fast scooter I found the video itself slow. Cranking up the play speed to x1.75 worked out very well!

50 mph ≅ 80 kph. Could the manufacture’s claim of a top speed actually be in kph?


Aren’t ‘scooter track days’ a thing yet? Watch this space. Bound to become a thing.

I noted he said he was going to get all geared up and then had no gloves on. Ouch!!

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If it needs a steering damper (which doesn’t look that effective) don’t mount it so it fouls the wiring.

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Needs nitrous:


that thing needs twenty inch wheels to show you how now

Yes, they are, there’s a racing series already in the works, and races are mixed gender.
This scooter seems fairly mundane, there’s one called the Wolf King, with inverted front suspension forks, full rear suspension, hydraulic discs and maxes out at 102Kph, just over 60mph. Keep the speed down and it’ll give a range of around 74 miles per charge. I’d love one, not for the speed, but 74 miles at around 12 mph, which was my cruising speed on my bike, that would be a fantastic all-day ride on local cycle paths.
I’ve hit 42mph on a mountain bike, wearing shorts and a tee shirt, and I overtook a car at 35mph on the same bake, down my road, with a following wind!
I was quite a bit younger, mind.


Looks like it, though the website page for this killer is contradictory, as it says 110km/hr in some places.


I really wonder what the fatality rate of buyers of these is going to be. Considering that people kill themselves on these scooters in Norway, where they’re not allowed to exceed 20 km/h under motor power (it’s illegal to sell anything capable of exceeding that), going 4x that speed is borderline suicidal. Of course, the riding position of these being about the least stable one imaginable doesn’t exactly help.


Digging a little deeper into this kid’s YouTube, it appears he lives in California (white license plates everywhere, with the occasional black classic), and doesn’t have much respect for scooter/bicycle laws there, much less the environment.

A motorized scooter is any two-wheeled device that has handlebars and a floorboard that is designed to be stood upon when riding, may have a driver seat that does not interfere with the ability to stand and ride, and is powered by electricity or other power source but may also be designed to be powered by human propulsion. A motorized scooter shall at all times be equipped with a muffler, and the exhaust system shall not be modified to amplify or increase noise level. The maximum speed limit scooters may be driven is 15 mph, and scooters may be operated on a bicycle path, trail, or bikeway unless prohibited. If operated on a roadway with a posted speed limit greater than 25 mph, scooter must be operated in a Class II bicycle lane. If operated on a roadway with a posted speed limit less than 25 mph, riding in a bicycle lane is not required.

A Class C driver license or driver permit is required.

A properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet is required.

It is unlawful to operate a motorized scooter on a roadway while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.



I’m more curious about that wind storm. Where did they have 70mph winds? Is he in California? Looks vaguely like south bay (SF) area maybe. Man those are some big trees that fell.

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