Toothstars has a galaxy of tooth whitening information to share


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BB now seems to have adopted Philip K Dick’s method of finding new wives, to choose advertisers. Open a burlap sack and close your eyes. When something runs into the sack, close it and advertise whatever is inside as if it was a regular post. What could go wrong?


I gargle with Clorox.


Whatever. When is BoingBoing going to sell me something to deal with this rash?


I understand there are risks and contraindications associated with teeth whitening.


I’ll have to give it a try!


They make tooth whitening products specifically for marketers and lawyers now?!


As far as i understand yes, usually most whitening involves using abrasives. So if the concept of wearing your teeth away slowly seems fine then go ahead. I am not sure what effect other methods have on teeth but i can’t presume they aren’t without downsides. It’s likely that there is good information on that site though so i can’t snark too much but If i were to try to whiten my teeth i see a dentist and go from there.


Most teeth whitening involves hydrogen peroxide or similar oxidizing agents, at varying degrees of concentration and exposure time to the tooth enamel.

Dentists basically can use the highest concentration and will also apply a protective coating to your gums so as not to injure them with the oxidizer.

Source: American Chemical Society “Whats the Best Way to Whiten Teeth”


Normally adverts on Boing Boing are somehow, at least tangentially associated with Happy Mutantism, I’ll even accept bidets fall within the vendiagram; but since when has tooth shaming entered our orbit?

Toothstars has a galaxy of tooth whitening information to share

So does my dentist. But he’s not interested in selling me shit. He’s interested in keeping my mouth healthy first, and will furnish info on teeth whitening when I ask.


Feel like it’s an odd opinion, but I find teeth with a natural tone and imperfect alignment can add oddles if personality to a face, while on the flipside, unnaturally blue-white and denture straight teeth are uncanny and unattractive.


Nobody need teeth that white.




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